Age of Titans Bounty Hunter and Treasure Map Guide

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This post will explain how the Age of Titans Bounty Hunter Quest work.

Age of Titans Bounty Hunter Quest

W. hen you reach level 35+ you can accept the Bounty Hunter Event Quest at the main City with the NPC Megaera. In this quest you will receive a quest item to summon a monster at a specific location. You will receive some prizes as well as a chance to receive a Treasure Map. This will lead to the next event: Lost Treasure.

Identify Treasure Map

The treasure maps that you obtain in Age of Titans at this stage is unidentified. You will have to bring the treasure map to Sun Wukong in the main city for appraisal. The appraisal process will pinpoint the location of the hidden treasure.

Age of Titans Lost Treasure Digging for Rewards

To dig you will have to bring a Luoyang Blade with you. With the successful dig you may obtain the following results:
1. Ambushed by monsters.
2. Drop into the hole.
In this option the hole is like a treasure room where there might be monsters. However, there are various items inside the hole.
3. Acquire items.
4. Surprise – nothing
5. Randomly transport to another map
6. Swarmed by worms.
7. Boom for 20% off of your current HP
8. Jack-in-the-box for another quest
9. Another Treasure map



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