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Age of Civilization is a browser-based strategy game that pits players as the lord of an empire during the middle age of Europe. The gameplay revolves around building up a city, raising an army, and using that army to win battles loosely based on the history and mythology of Europe. The game is published by NGames.

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At the start of the game, you can choose between six male and six female avatars (either way, your title will be “Lord”). You’ve also got to choose a name. Here you can type in a name or — like many other MMOs — you can opt for a random name. Age of Civilization probably has the wackiest random name generator I’ve ever encountered, with gems like “Hunchback Buggy”, “Flyfish Ivy”, and “Aardwolf Sunny” coming up in just the first 10 names I rolled. I finally settled on “Mono-eye Kitty” for my Lord.

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There are, of course, a bunch of other buildings. For the most part, they contribute resources to your cause (Dwellings bring in money, Quarries bring in stone, etc.). New units can be hired at the Tavern and the Blacksmith sells and upgrades equipment for your units. Guild buildings let you form guilds with other players, and as they are upgraded, each member of your guild gets various bonuses from them.

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So, the game’s not really doing anything special. We’ve seen city builders hundreds of times and fully automated combat isn’t exactly an exciting feature. For the most part, everything’s just pretty decent. Totally playable, but never really fun. Perhaps the most tedious part is that the game’s tutorial just seems incredibly drawn out. A box on the right side of the screen holds your current missions, giving you an idea of what to do next. The thing is, the stream of missions is seemingly endless and many of the missions won’t let you do anything except what they ask. I was two hours into the game and still locked into whatever action my mission was asking me to do. The thing is, I already knew how to play the game at this point. I’m okay with a mission guiding my progress, but if I really want to do something else (like build more buildings or replay old missions to get some three-star ratings), I should be able to. The game almost pokes fun at itself for its linear nature when your advisor mentions several times that she had to check the Civilization Walkthrough because she wasn’t sure what you should do next to grow your empire. Apparently, empire-building is extremely formulaic and you’re just knocking out a to-do list to get it done.



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