Age of Civilization Guide: Sea lord

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KeyWord: Age of Civilization,2D,Strategy,Warfare

Age of Civilization:

Difficulty Level: ★★★★★

Enemies: Skirmisher, Pirate Minion, Bandit Head, Pirate Squad Leader, Barbosa (BOSS)

Background Story:

At the end of the continent were emerald sea, sunshine and the endless treasures. The rampant pirates were in the every routine, attacking all passing ships and fleets.

Captain Jack had the fastest ship in the world-Black Pearl. However his carefree life was soon interrupted. The ambitious mate Barbosa stole his ship, and turned him in, sending him to the jail.

The Pirate Leader was bullying in the ocean, seeing it as his own possession. He became the sea lord.

The cursed Aztec Gold had some power that tortured every man that touched and used it. Barbosa and his crew ware cursed for their greed, and turned into the skeletons that were immortal but pained and only turned to human under the moonlight.

The mystery ocean had lured so many people who all came for the desire. Whoever was not content was doomed to be the slave of the desire and the pride and paranoid only led to the destruction.

What is the key to lift the ancient curse and verify the prophecy? It still remains mystery.




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