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This guide is about the 3 races of GameDP's new game Aero War. Aero War is a free-to-play browser game of MMORPG & SLG genre with a background story of wars among the Gods. You can play a role of yourself to finish challenges of one task and another. Also you may develop your castle and deploy your army force. This is the first combination of elements of RPG and SLG in browser-based games.


Humans possess both the strength of adaptability and knowledge. It is a race that rose to galactic prominence due to its immense creativity, powerful tactics and the ability to correctly analyze the surrounding situation.

The discovery of the remnants of an alien civilization on earth significantly improved Human aerospace technology. This development resulted in the beginning of a new era of space exploration for the human race.

Human Battleships are economic and efficient, a well-rounded design without advantages in any particular area. Skilled commanders are able to maximize its capabilities, often producing surprising results.

Aero War


An alien civilization originating from the other side of the galaxy, a new race resulting from the merging of numerous alien races. The liberal and relaxed political system has continued to attract the membership of many smaller planets.

The Emma's emphasizes the power of the mind, developing methods to militarize mental capabilities and integrating it within the production of their battleships. This has resulted in various distinctive and unique functions, along with the impenetrable strength of their defense shield technology.

The Emma's battleships are blessed with both powerful offensive and defensive capabilities, but the underdeveloped industrialization of their worlds have resulted in the high cost and low numbers of their ships.

Aero War Screenshot


The Jayce is a creation of the legendary ancient galactic civilization. As a mechanical life form, the race is both cold and calculated, and possessing a hatred for all organic life.

The ability to share awareness and knowledge provides the Jayce with superior combat capabilities and formidable durability. This advantage has come at the sacrifice of their adaptability and mechanized responses, both having become weaknesses that are often exploited.

The fully automatized production line of the Jayce reduces cost and ensures the number of battleships.

Aero War Screenshot

Aero War Screenshot



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