Aegis: The Eternal Conflict

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Aegis is an MMORPG game set in a medieval fantasy world. It is a complex mixture of Battle, Strategy, Politics, Role playing and City State management that pushes players to their very limit. There are over 50 troop types and 70 buildings to choose from, unlimited game play and endless world.

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  • Turn based system means you can easily keep track of your game whilst you battle against, or parlay with hundreds of players online.
  • Over 50 types of Plans and Buildings to advance your province.
  • Three major Paths to choose for your Province, each with their own benefits - Magic, Science, or Religion
  • Over 30 regular Troop types, 9 different forms of hired Mercenary Troops, and 12 Special Attack & Defense Skills of Military units.
  • Assert your superiority with over 20 types of covert spy missions, or take the more visible route with 9 different ways to war with an opponent. Alternatively you can decide to dominate peacefully as an economic powerhouse with influential alliances.
  • Become a part of a massive, thriving community with real-time chat and active Empire Forums.
  • Meet other willing Roleplayers and play the role of a Vassal, King, Queen, Diplomat, Villain, or anything your imagination can fathom in a vast and ever-changing world of politics and fantasy.

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Aegis is designed to be played by players grouping together in kingdoms. By joining one you get the most out of it, as you are able to aid each other through transferring resources, a king providing a kingdom wide defence, joint actions when attacking/defending and benefiting from any Acts the kingdom may have.

As a multiplayer game, interaction with fellow gamers is the crux of Aegis. Kingdoms offer a greater degree of safety due to their political ties, such as alliances and non-aggression agreements with fellow kingdoms. Further, many kingdoms, allow their vassals to attack kingdom-less provinces at will. Being outside a kingdom makes you more likely to be attacked.

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Be a scoundrel or a pirate taking away the hard earned gold of others to fund your schemes. A blood thirsty warrior set out to terrorize and conquer other kingdoms and whole continents; an honourable knight protecting the weak or the peace against would-be tyrants; a politician or a demagogue riling the crowds and kingdoms against your enemies; a peaceful expansionist trying to resolve conflicts; a mercenary traveling the lands and trafficking in war. The possibilities are only limited by your time and imagination.

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