Adventure Quest Guide:Mage Sub-Builds

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By Apocalyptic Silence

The fearless Warriors slash through their enemies, annihilating all. The mystifying and furtive Rangers lunge their spears and lances,shoot the arrows of their mighty bows like only they can from afar, but it is the powerful Mages who devastate all opposition. They have diverse means of attacking. They gain knowledge of potent spells, wield their mighty staves and a large arsenal of weapons only they could control.

There are many types of Mages in Adventure Quest. Some like more Endurance, but not too much that they are Tanks. Others love the extra Charisma, but not too much so that they are Beastmasters. The options are numerous. I will list the ones that are the most popular, and ones that are not so well known, but I recommend.

Pure Mage: The most common type of Mage. It focuses on your spell and/or weapons damage. Intellect and Dexterity are the two most important stats here for spell casting and weapon damage, although Endurance plays an important role and Luck comes in later on. The good thing about the Pure Mage is that it has the least spread out stats of any build, making your weapon and spell damage the highest achievable at your level. Unfortunately, concentrating on two more important stats will make it a reasonably expensive build early on (Although some builds have other costs). The high LUK later on will bolster the potency of Lucky Strikes.

The universal consensus here is to train up Intellect and Dexterity more often with a bit of Endurance. Notice that at lower levels, your Endurance is not much different than that of a high-levelled characters Endurance. Eventually, when you reach 50 Endurance, you can stop training it and just focus on Intellect and Dexterity. Eventually you should max out Intellect and Dexterity, and then you can go to work on Luck since it is the most insignificant stat.

Tank Mage Dogwalker: This modified version of the Tank Mage, which has 50 CHA instead of the classic 50 in LUK, is a pretty effective variant. More effective in my eyes than the normal Tank Mage. As stated before, 50 points in LUK only gives 2.5% BTH and blocking, while the extra 50 points of CHA offers your pets an extra 25% attack rate since the formula for pet attack rate is Rate at 0 CHA + CHA/2. Having 50 CHA, we divide that by 2, which equals 25. That 25% is then added to the pets Attack rate at 0 CHA, giving an extra 25% attack rate.

This Tank Mage is basically the same as a Beastmaster Mage, but with the Endurance and Charisma switched around. Normally, they would have 50 LUK, but having 50 CHA, as per the Dogwalker part of the name, is much more effective. Those who value lasting out monsters in the heat of battle with pet capabilities will want this build. The main focus is HP, as it has the most HP of any build. I suggest that you have a good amount of Endurance, but not so much that your offense is compensated. They have the CHA to make non-beastmaster pets have a high attack rate.

Annihilator Mage: This build sacrifices all END in order to maximize weapon and spell damage. These days, this is a dying breed in which few follow due to high damage dealing monsters and the increasing importance of END. This builds damage is even greater than that of a Pure Mage in the developmental stages, but the HP loss is not worth it, at least in my opinion. There are those who enjoy the challenge of a 0 END build. In later levels when these builds start training LUK, its damage out-put increases further.

The main idea here is to max out Intellect and Dexterity as quickly as possible. That means you'll get the maximum bonus from your weapons. After that you will want to train up Luck. There is one common variation in which Luck is trained as an equal from early on so you get a higher chance of going first to make up for the lack of Endurance. It's quite acceptable, but it can also take away focus from the builds general idea, maximizing weapon potential.

Beastmaster Mage: This variant of a Mage has more spread-out stats that not only focus on damage done from weapons and spells, but also damage done from pets. This Mage build deals the most damage per turn when you factor in pet damage, but at a cost. In order to have high weapon, spell, and pet damage, INT, DEX, and CHA must be trained at low levels instead of simply INT and DEX. This means INT and DEX loses some points that are then added to CHA to make the build effective. There are many approaches on how to develop the stats for this build. Some may equally train all three, while others may focus on INT and CHA, while leaving DEX lagging behind.

This build, like the Pure Mage, uses Intellect and Dexterity and two of its more important stats. The major difference between this and other builds is the use of Charisma, and the fact that without training LUK, your damage out-put will not be as high as that of the Pure Mage and other high-LUK builds in terms of raw player damage. As I explained earlier, Charisma helps pets function better in battle. You also keep the 50 END. How you wish to train this is your own choice, however, keep a good amount of Charisma and Intellect with not too much Dexterity. Adventurers do not have to have as high amount of Charisma as Guardians do, but they should end up with the same amount.

High Endurance Pure Mage: This is a modified version of the Pure Mage build. Taking away a meagre 50 points of LUK, which only adds about 2.5% BTH and blocking, the 50 points is then added to END, which adds a high amount of HP, greatly increasing your chances of survival. It is not a well-known build. More of a cross between an Annihilator and a Tank. When it is all said and done, meaning your stats are finished training, it still has the same offensive capabilities of a Pure Mage. Once this build gets in a high amount of LUK, it's damage out-put increases further via Lucky Strikes.

This build is a modified version of the Pure Mage build. It was found as a good build to keep up with the changes to monsters after the sweep (since monsters will become harder to defeat). Having high END would be beneficial, as long as the amount of end is not too high, or it will ruin the offensive capabilities to the mage build.

Lucky Beast Mage: Similar to the Beastmaster Mage, the emphasis is to max out INT and CHA first. The difference is instead of DEX we proceed to build up LUK and finally add the remaining stats in to END. This build has no DEX; while losing a sizable amount of the defensive aspect, it allows for the most powerful offence in all the variants of mage. With LUK, we again find that over time the damage out-put is greater then with DEX trained.

Similar to the Beastmaster Mage, the emphasis is to max out INT and CHA first. Then proceed to build up LUK and finally add the remaining stats in to END. This build has no DEX; while losing a sizable amount of the defensive aspect, it allows for the most powerful offence in all the variants of mage.

So, now that you've gotten a general understanding of Mage builds, hopefully you have chosen one by now. If you have not, just choose one as soon as possible. This next article will cover Mage equipment so don't fret. You didn't think I'd let you go into battle with your bare hands did you?



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