Adventure Quest Mage Guide:How to Choose Mage Weapon at each Level

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By Apocalyptic Silence

We had talk about Maga Sub-builds, now let's start telling you about weapons in Adventure Quest. As a Mage, choose the Mage. It will give you a Mage start with a Magic weapon. You find that you are level 1, with 10 in INT after choosing Mage and killing the Soralag. You are given a few guests to choose from. Get Warlic, who attacks using the monsters opposite base element.

*Note for Guardians* if you choose Staff of Awe to cover your this element, you will not need the recommendations I offer.

Low Levels - Up to L50

Fire:Once you have fought that Soralag and have begun your exciting adventure in the world of Lore, you will want to pick up the Fire Blade. If you are a Guardian, you may stay with Guardian Blade. Guardian Blade, at the beginning, is a powerful weapon, more powerful than anything else you can buy now and in the near future. Eventually, Guardian Blade's element shifting will get on your nerves. At level 18, you can pick up the Scorp Staff, but Fire Blade will be enough if you do not want to do the quest for Scorp Staff. Scorp Staff will last you until level 30+, so it's not a bad pick-up. Guardians at level 35 may trade in their fire weapon for Fyre Force from the Guardian Tower. Despite being melee, it is the best option now and even surpasses a few options at higher levels. It is cheap as well so it will not strain your gold supply. Our Adventurer friends will have to wait until level 38 to buy the Flame Hatchet. For both parties, Guardian and Adventurer, can pick up the FireBlood Blade at level 50.

Water: At the first couple of levels, you do not need a weapon for every element. The first good water weapon I recommend buying is Betroven Water Gouger at level 12, powerful and cheap. It is only at level 30 where you should replace your water weapon with Nautica Blade, which will be your final water weapon at low levels. You might be expecting more weapon changes, but that will not happen this time around. That Nautica Blade is the top water weapon for Mages from level 30-71. Didn't expect that now, did you? I did mention Nautica Blade would be the best water weapon until level 71 right?

Ice: Again, at lower levels, it is not important to have a weapon for every element. You level up so fast at these levels, you are better off waiting until level 20 to buy Chill Ripper. That is it for low levels. At level 38, you will want to upgrade to Feral LycanBow from the Werewolf Shop, if you are a vampire, you will have to do the Cure quest, which is found by going to the travel map->Darkovia Forest->The Cure, the correct passage in this quest, is the eastern passage.

Earth: Earth is the less used element, so at the first levels you can just use your default weapon, be it a Wooden Staff or a Guardian Blade. You won't really need an Earth Weapon unless you actually use a Temporary Weapon, but since they're very strong early on, it's likely that you will, so you should pick up, at Lv.20, Witch Blade. The Witch Blade should be enough for low levels.Guardians should start looking for the Awe Weapon Pieces. As a Mage, you'll want the Staff of Awe. Both Adventurers and Guardians who have not gotten the Staff of Awe yet do not have to worry about having an earth weapon, since you will not be using it much anyway. If you really want one, buy Shale Edge at level 46 which can take the place of your wind weapon since it covers earth, and element seeks on earth monsters. Since most earth monsters should be weak against wind, it can act as a wind weapon as well.

Wind: Your first wind weapon should come at level 10. It is the Deadly Wind Staff, which can be found in Warlic's Beginner Shop. It is relatively cheap and good for your level. However, it will not last very long due to Beast Trainer's Whip at level 25 which has a 100% special. It works well with defensive armors. At level 38, replace your wind weapon with Aerodu Sword. You do have to join the Aerodu clan, but if you are or want to be in another clan, simply leave Aerodu after buying Aerodu Sword. I do recommend staying in Aerodu though, since you will need a few important items from its shop in future levels. Despite being a ranged weapon, Aerodu Swords still beats out most of the other wind weapons at your level. There are two better options, but they have a heavy price tag. You are better off buying the cheap and powerful Aerodu Sword, which can last you until level 70. If Adventurers bought Shale Edge as mentioned in the earth weapons section that is just fine. Guardians should definitely have Aerodu Sword over Shale Edge.

Energy: For Guardians, the first energy weapon you should have is Kayda Blade at level 14. It requires a quest, but is very powerful and is even stronger than some weapons at higher levels, and only costs 500 gold. It does have a high special rate though, but that is beneficial at lower levels. Adventurers' first option is the Wit at level 25. It is a good option for Guardians that do not want to do the quest for Kayda Blade, but it costs too much for something that will be replaced shortly. At level 30, all players will want Blade of Rennd. It's very strong, especially the special. You will use it for quite some time.

Light: At level 15, Hybee Spear is the top choice which will remain the top option for many levels, but at this level, the quest is hard to an extent and the chance to find it from a Hybee Scout in any random battle are slim. If the opportunity does present itself, do the quest. If at level 30 you still do not have the Hybee Spear, get Star Wand which comes very close to Hybee Spear and even beats it in a few armors. If you want a light weapon before level 30 and cannot get Hybee Spear, get Crystal Seed if you are using a 1-hit armor, or Sunslash Polearm if you are using armors with more than 1 attack on a regular basis. If you have kept up with your stats, your light weapon should be Crystal Seed at this point in time since it is magic, your higher INT gives it an advantage over the previous top light weapon, Hybee Spear which is ranged. Crystal Seed will last you until level 45, when you can purchase Bright Beam Staff. The special does 117% BR, it heals MP equal to x1.5 damage done, great for recovering MP after spell spamming.

Darkness: The first good darkness weapon for Mages comes at level 20. It is Staff of Nihilus, which is guardian only. It has a pretty high special rate, which is strong at this level. It only costs 1k, so it is easy to get. Adventurers, however, will have to settle for the ranged weapon Basic VampSpear at level 15, which only costs 800 gold. You have to be a Vampire sub-race in order to buy it though. It's a 100% special weapon, which is better in defensive armors and 1-hit armors. At lower mid-levels, I recommend Bonethrill Staff (41) for Guardians and Adventurers until Staff of Thorn at level 50.

Mid Levels - L50-80

Fire: For level 54 adventurers I'd suggest the Purity Blade, since its damage is good.Now that you are level 75, you have wandered into the higher-level range. Your FireBlood Blade, unbelievably, will last you until level 78 when you should change it with Gnawing Fangsword.

Water: Well, at level 71, you should have saved up enough gold for Swordfish. Your penultimate upgrade for water weapons would be Scorp Staff at level 78. Scorp Staff is the stepping-stone to Poise, which can be bought at level 80. Chances are, you will not have enough gold for it at level 80 unless you really farmed. Poise is the water magic weapon of choice, for both its high damage output and its amazing ability to drain opposing HP to restore your MP. Another alternative is to use Mankind's Regard this weapon is slighlty weaker then Poise and the price difference is quite substantial, at only 121k. Poise has only 1 base and 1 random more then Mankind's, however Mankind's has 1 more BTH. If you want to save money buy Mankind's Regard.

Ice: Several options later on at level 50 are worth a look at. I recommend Magic Ice Katana at level 50, the freeze effect will surely come in handy. At level 62, upgrade to Gradient Sphere Staff, this weapon has a more accurate and powerful special, along with more BTH. A key strategic weapon will come at level 65, Lycan Magic Slasher. It is weaker than Liquiscepter, but inflicts 1 hit of Harm damage to the monster then restores both HP and MP by 40% of the damage done. It is generally recommended for Mages to have.

Earth: None

Wind:At level 70, you have a few options. I recommend buying Mistral Ravager. It can be bought easily and has a lower price tag, unlike a few other weapons that require long quests and cost more.

Energy: You should just keep Blade of Rennd until level 55 when it should be changed with the Winged Lightning Streamer from Miss Fixit Returns! Its stats are greater then of Blade of Rennd, but it is magic while Blade of Rennd is melee. If you trained your stats accordingly, Winged Lightning Streamer should be much stronger. At level 65, upgrade it to Fansarin's Machete which has a high cost, but if you buy it, it will last you until level 80.

Light: At level 62 when you should get Raynar's Superior Blade from Warlic's Advanced Shop for only 8k. Its damage is at the top at these levels, but its draining special is what really makes this weapon worthwhile. Its ability to drain 10% of your opponents HP to heal your own HP is just too good to miss out on.

Darkness: Guardians should upgrade to Guardian Blackbones at level 65, and Adventurers can upgrade to the level 65 version of Blackbones.At high levels, you will have 3 weapons to choose from. At level 70, you can choose Big 100K if you have an offensive armor such as Drakel Disguise, or any offensive uber.

High Levels - L80-110

Fire: Salvation Scepter can be picked up at level 92 if you are an Adventurer. If you are a guardian, you can purchase the Lionidas' Kriegsmesser. Both are viable stepping-stones to ReignBringer, a excellent magic fire weapon in the game. It is a part of the Reign set, which is one of the many uber sets in the world of AQ. Available at level 95, Original Torch offers a special with a possible burn effect, this weapon is slightly worse then ReignBringer, until the burn status sets in.

Water: At level 105, Poise or Mankind's Regard can be replaced by Paragon's Dignity.This weapon has 1 more random damage and 3 more BTH to hit then Poise, with a price tag of only 220k.

Ice: At high levels, there are only a few upgrades. The first one is Edge of Unity at level 80 unless you want to keep Lycan Magic Slasher active for the special. Edge of Unity is the stepping-stone to Vigilante's Verdict which can be bought at level 90. Upgrade at level 105 to Scourge's Conviction.

Earth: At high levels, Adventurers should not even bother with an earth weapon until level 85 when they can buy the upgraded version of Shale Edge, which is Granite Edge. Again, it will take the place of your wind weapon. Guardians should have the Staff of Awe at this point. Adventurer mages also have the option of Mutant King's Club (90) which is weaker than Granite Edge (triggered), but stronger than Granite Edge (Untriggered). Generally, Mutant King's Club is useful for its transforming ability which is very strong, if the special of the Mutant King's Club goes off, you will transform into the Mutant King Form, the defense of this armor isn't very good, but the attacks from this armor will blow you away. At level 108 adventurers can pick up Seedling Eevolu, the weapon can be in either melee or magic mode. The weapon has far superior damage and BTH clearly distinguishing it from the lower level alternatives. The weapon’s 12% special deals 3 hits of powerful ranged earth damage.

Wind:Guardians can change Mistral Ravager at level 85 for your upgrade, Drakaxe. Drakaxe has good damage, but has a bit lower BTH than I like, but when you purchase it, you should have high enough INT and DEX to overcome that. There is a level 75 version of Drakaxe that is better than Mistral Ravager, but I think it is better to skip it since the quest takes over an hour. There was also the level 70 Salvation Scepter which is better than Mistral Ravager, but the quest is also very long. Salvation Scepter only out-damages Mistral Ravager by a few points, yet it costs 35k more. It does have decent BTH though, at 9%. Salvation Scepter also has no special, which makes it more compatible with multi-hit armors. It is definitely a good choice if you can afford it. Our Adventurer friends have to take a different approach since Drakaxe is Guardian only. The good alternative wind weapon for Adventurers would be Granite Edge, also at level 85. Granite Edge, like Shale Edge, is mainly an earth weapon, but against earth monsters, it weakness seeks. Since usually earth monsters are weakest against wind, it can act as a wind weapon. The final wind weapon for Mages will be Maurinelle's Melody. The damage and BTH are better than any other wind magic weapon. The weapon has quite a power effect, it can deal 3 hits of magic wind damage, if at least one hit connects, then the monster can be Controlled. With the buff of melee/ranged weaponry, mages can pick up Tonbo-giri (105), the weapon even at 0 DEX provides more damage then any other Wind magic weapon, and the 23 BTH is quite superior!

Energy:If you have Fansarin's Machete from before, you should have kept it until level 80. At level 80, get Valesword from Warlic's Advanced Magic Shop. Notice that it only costs 3k more than Fansarin's Machete. It has better BTH, which makes it more accurate and you can now hit those higher defense monsters easier. The special does occur more often than one would like though, and it is rather inaccurate, but that is the only drawback of Valesword. It is a good thing that in 5 levels, level 85, you will be selling Valesword, but not for an energy weapon. For those who will want an energy weapon, I recommend buying the level 88 Fansarin's Machete, but to keep it in storage. Generally, people do not buy the level 88 Fansarin's Machete, but if you do, you can.For those who are seeking an offensive-based magic energy weapon at level 100, Voltaic Orb (100) is your best option. It's only weakness is the lack of BTH for a level 100 weapon. Atlevel 110, it would be best to pick-up the Thoughtspire (110), provides a powerful single hit special and is more powerful then the Voltaic Orb.With the buff of melee/ranged weaponry, mages who have invested a sizable amount in DEX can pick up Mjollnir (105), the weapon at 0 DEX does not out damage Winged Lightning Bolt.

Light: You may keep your Raynar's Superior Blade until level 80 when you should upgrade it to Raynar's Ultimate Blade for a price of 70k. It is not a bad price at this level, though, it is not very cheap either. It is also in Warlic's Advanced Shop. Be warned, Raynar's Ultimate Blade is projected to receive a nerf during the sweep, so when that time comes, upgrade to Zombie Bane Scepter at level 92 which is in the Golden Set shop and can be your final light weapon. Its damage is one of the highest of any magic light weapon, and it also has a good healing special that heals both HP and MP, but by fewer amounts than that of Raynar's Ultimate Blade. The strongest light weapon for Mages would be Phrygian Ebil Scythe (90) which is much cheaper than that of Zombie Bane Scepter, but it drains 33 gold per hit of the special. Since the special has 3 hits, it will drain 99 gold each time the special occurs. For Adventurers only, a viable light weapon would be Razor's Edge of Clarity from the Mark of Hope miscellaneous item. It will be mentioned further in the miscellaneous section. Adventurers may use this to get rid of their horrid default weapon, if they choose to do so. If you do not wish to purchase this weapon, any of the other mentioned light weapons will be sufficient. At Lv.105, the Brilliant Beam Staff is a good weapon to get, I'd keep the Phrygian Ebil Scythe though, since its special is way stronger than the Brilliant Beam Staff's one, the Brilliant Beam Staff is mainly useful because of the regeneration its special gives.

Darkness: If you have a defensive armor such as Protector Plate or Golden Plate, a better choice which will be your final darkness weapon would be Blackbones at level 85. If you chose Big 100K, upgrade it at level 90 for Stygian Ebil Scythe. It has a very powerful special effect, Darkness Corruption, which nerfs your opponents darkness resistance making it go higher, which in turn, increases your overall darkness damage. If you are into the whole paralysis effect, you might enjoy Venerable Chrono Blade (85) since if all the hits of the special connect, it has a 90% chance to attempt to paralyze your foe. At level 98, Terror Sai comes into play. It is slightly weaker than the Stygian Ebil Scythe, and if both hits of the Special connect and the monster is not Darkness, then the monster can become Afraid (4 rounds, 25% chance of not acting). If you are a guardian, it would be good to pick-up the Grim Eater weapon, in the magic mode it does 7-31 damage, making it stronger than the Terror Sai weapon, this weapon is also stronger than the Stygian Ebil Scythe weapon both damage & special wise. If the second hit of the special connects, if you are eating fear (by clicking on the handle) & the monster is afraid, you will heal hp equal to the damage dealt on the second hit. If you prefer to not use the full set or any pieces of the Terror Set with Grim Eater the next alterative would be to purchase Generating Reevolu. This weapon does not require the character to be a Guardian, however it does require for there to be at least 1 Guardian character on the account. This weapon in magic mode does 8-30 damage. The special has a 11% chance to occur, however the damage from the special is far greater than that of Grim Eater.

Top Levels - L110+

Fire: At level 115, Demon Tooth Axe can be purchased it has a very powerful special and initially is more powerful then Classic Torch (120). Classic Torch (120) offers the chance to inflict a burn status. Upgrade to Rockin' Zard Guitar (130). Guardians should purchase Blood Crystal Axe (135 G), it is the top Fire magic weapon and has a nice ability to boost Fire spell damage.

Water: If you choose to not wait 4 levels, Treevolu Crown 116 can be purchased, it deals 8-31 in magic mode meaning it is more powerful then the previously stated weapons, however receives only 9 BTH. The special of Treevolu is quite powerful at 1188 B/R. It should be noted that you must have at least 2 Guardians on the account to be able to purchase this weapon, the weapon itself can be used by all players. At level 120, I would recommend buying Kindred's Prestige to replace Poise or Paragon's Dignity, as it is the strongest magic water weapon currently in-game & its special is high in damage & BTH.For those who prefer to recover mana, Celestial Mana Staff (130) provides a constant effect each round you attack, to recover 40-122 MP. This weapon is not officially Guardian only, but receivers a semi-boost because you need to have at least 1 upgraded character.

Ice : At level 120, Castigator's Retribution provides great random damage and a powerful special. At level 132, Guardians can pick up Ryussei's Guardian Freezing Staff, very similar to MEIK, though overall more powerful. At level 135, Guardians should upgrade to Nemesis' Condemnation, if you want more power and a ability to make your opponent bleed. Though for strategic purposes Ryussei'sstaff can freeze your opponent, immobilizing them for one turn can be extremely useful.

Earth: At level 120, it would be advisable to purchase Virulent Chimeran Spear, with the appropriate amount of DEX trained the weapon is more powerful then Seedling Eevolu. At level 125, upgrade to Robocockatrice Blade (125).

Wind:A close competitor to Maurinelle's Melody is Slaying Bells, this weapon is meant for shear damage, the random damage is quite high and the base low. When looking at some numbers, their both only a few damage points off, I would personally stick with Maurinelle's Melody for the effect but for those who prefer higher potential damage pick up Slaying Bells. The top Wind magic weapon belongs to Protest Sign (125), no gimmicks just pure damage.

Energy: For all characters that are Lv.125, I'd sell the Winged Lightning Ribbon (if you are guardian & have it) or sell the Voltaic Orb & buy the Winged Lightning Bolt weapon. Guardian should upgrade to Guardian Thoughtspire (135), this is currently the most powerful Energy weapon for mages, providing pure damage.

Light: Enigmatic Doom Divisor (123) offers more power, but the special does not always provide pure Light damage. I would recommend for all Guardian mages to purchase Guardian Lustrous Fairche Solais (128 G), this weapon I would still recommend even with 0 DEX, the Enigmatic Doom Divisor's special can be too risky. At level 130, Blazing Solaris Blade (130) should replace either GLFS or EDD, it has a MC special that deals extra damage.

Darkness: For those not wanting to spend Z-tokens, Wrayth Blade (123) provides an excellent choice. The weapon is actually the most powerful magic weapon and has a unqiue special, if the monster is not afraid the weapon will first try to make the monster become Afraid, if that is successful the next time the special goes off it will deal 2 hits with overall more power. An interesting alternative to a more active weapon ability would belong to Staff of Necromantic Domination. Available at level 128, the weapon deals 8-33. The weapon takes a small penalty of 97.5% B/R/S because of a trigger. The weapon's trigger automatically activates on "undead" monsters, if the succesful the monster becomes "Afraid" for 4 turns. The special is more powerful in terms of raw damage then Terror Eater.

Token Options

Water: For adventurers the equivalent to Celestial Mana Staff would be Celestial Mana Staff Z.

Ice: If you have the Z-Tokens, your best option if you like freezing monsters would be the Magic Elite Ice Katana (Level 100).

Darkness: If you have the Z-tokens, the best option would be to purchase Terror Eater, the weapon in magic mode deals 9-33.3, along with the a more powerful special, as described in Grim Eater, makes it the top darkness weapon in the game.

Spell Casting

Ice: For those who enjoy using an inventory full of spell-boosting items, you can also pick up Glacial Short Staff (85) which boosts the power of ice and water spells more than Lightning Rod does, so it might be worth adding. It now provides a mana regeneration ability, which on average is greater than Sila's Staff.

Energy: For a spell-casting weapon that casts a very powerful energy spell, Mega Shock. This weapon is Lightning Rod.It boosts the power of all spells by 5%, and energy spells by 10%. For Guardians, MegaShock normally costs 293 MP, but with Lightning Rod, it only costs 265 MP. For Adventurers, MegaShock is a Guardian only spell from the Guardian Tower shop, but Lightning Rod gives Adventurers access to the Guardian only spell, Mega Shock at a cost of 275 MP per cast. If Mages choose to buy the level 90 or 100 energy spells from the Galvawk series, Lightning Rod should not be active. I would just keep Lightning Rod over Galvawk spells because if you have Galvawk Geas active, you need to store another spell, and you cannot afford that if you want a spell for every element.

Light: There is also the option of storing your offensive light weapon and having Sila's Staff (90) active. Another one of the spell boosting weapons, it has a useful Draw Mana ability which restores 64-192 MP. I would say Sila's Staff is more useful in long, drawn out battles as opposed to shorter battles because you will restore more MP.



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