AdoptMe Guide: How to Play the Game (Step by Step)

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Adopt me is a free website where you can adopt virtual pets and learn the responsibilities of pet ownership. This guide explains the details about how to play AdoptMe. Young children can follow the steps to start the game and find the fun in it.

How to Play the Game (Step by Step)

By Wendy Brock on associatedcontent

Click "Adopt a Pet." A registration page will pop up asking you for a username, password, confirm password, e-mail, and age. Fill this out and then click "next." You will then be asked to click on a button beneath "I want to adopt a FREE virtual pet."

The next page shows a box that explains the free membership. "With a Free Membership you can, play with your pet and exercise it at the part, teach it new tricks and enter a pet show contest, reward your pet for good behavior, feed and groom your pet, enjoy unlimited access to your virtual pet." Click on the button below the box that says "Click here to adopt a virtual pet for free." Click on the "I agree" button, stating that you understand the user agreement.

Next, you have the option of choosing your pet. Choices include: dogs, cats, a horse, a hamster, a fish, a parrot, turtles, a snake, and a monkey. Once you choose your pet, give your pet a name, age, and gender. Next, click "adopt this pet."

The village will pop up that gives you options to go to the show, the vet's office, pet store, or gym. Below this window, there are links to chat with your pet, join groups, play games, and many other options. You can also check the stats of your pet and get your pet a job.

When you click on "Show," your pet will be judged and placed either first, second or third. At the vet's office, you can check your pet's temperature, teeth, and heart. At the Gym, your pet can get exercise by using the hula hoop, rings, playing basketball, or lifting weights.

You will start out with $250 in your account and you can see this amount when you click on "Stats." Help tips will pop up about what you need to do for your pet under the stats page. Follow the instructions to keep your pet healthy.

Your pet will also keep a blog of the activities you perform with it. This is a great way to keep up with what you have done for your animal. These activities such as taking your pet to the vet or for a walk also shows up in your private messages from your pet.

There are a few different games you can play with your pet are: Checkers, connect four, tic tac toe, tennis, and ping pong. These are simple games that any child can get the hang of very quickly and easily.

Show off your pet on Myspace and Facebook, your blog, diary, or website by clicking the link "Show your Pet" and following the directions. There is an embed code that will allow you to link to your pet.

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