ActionLeague: Want to Play Browser Based 3D Soccer, Hockey and Basketball?

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The Actionleague sport portal is packed with fast, exciting game scenarios. Sport-Games - your platform for purely broswer-based online sport games. The Actionleague offers three popular sport types:

- Actionleague soccer
- Actionleague Hockey
- Actionleague Basketball

ActionLeague Screenshots
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You appear in the 3-D playing field and compete against your opponent. You control the game with the keyboard or completely by gamepad. There are many camera views so that you always have an overview as team capitain. Control your man-to-man passing in Multiplayer mode Against real players or in Single player mode against the computer.

But that's not all: In the Actionleague portal you can create your own player profile for all games. This means you always have control over your teams and their successes, whether it be on the soccer pitch, ice hockey rink or basketball court.

ActionLeague Screenshots
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You've probably already had a good look around. There are many options for you to lead your teams to success.

Or you can first see what everyone else is doing: in chat you can talk to other players, check out their player profiles and maybe see how you would like to present yourself. In My AL you can create your individual profile quickly and easily.

And of course you can get your name and rank into the bronze, silver or gold leagues! Have fun, and the best of luck in the Actionleague!

ActionLeague Screenshots
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ActionLeague Screenshots
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Here is ActionLeague Guide: Keyboard Controls



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