9 Empires: Take Reign Over the World of 9 Empires

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9 Empires

9 Empires is a  fantasy strategy browser game with RPG elements. The game has a lot to offer, starting with the choice between 9 playable races (four of which were accessible during the closed beta): Humans, Elves, Orcs, Subterraneans, Highlanders, Undead, Ghosts, Sirens and Underworld each with their own advantages, disadvantages, troops and tactics all waiting to be commanded by a mighty and ambitious leader.


9 Unique Playable Races

You can choose between Orcs, Humans, Elves, Undead as well as 5 other exciting races. Each race has its own bonuses, advantages and disadvantages as well as a unique graphical look and different troops.

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Vast Territories

Delve into the vast world of 9 Empires: travel through continents, explore sinister dungeons and visit great cities. Experience many different landscapes that range from deserts to snow-covered mountains and lava canyons!

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Mix of Strategy and RPG

Create your own empire by building vast cities, researching new technology and laying siege to your enemies. Train your heroes, find, upgrade and use thousands of items, experience hundreds of quests and battle it out with friends and enemies.

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Hero Development

Create up to 5 heroes the way you like them. Make your perfect team of heroes with different skills, weapons, armour and attributes. You can even send your heroes to train while you’re away. You’re their master, put them to work!

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Completely Interactive Tactical Battles

Choose from over 130 different troop units and fight battles where you decide what the best tactic is. Ancient evil is lurking throughout the continents. Slay challenging bosses and earn huge rewards or test yourself in PvP battles or even Legion warfare!

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