Dragon's Wrath Guide :Dragon Soul System

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Dragon's Wrath Soul system is the most unusual special system where characters boost their combat power. Through the Dragon Soul system, heroes can gain the power of the Ancient Dragon King and grow stronger!

By clicking [Dragon Soul] on the main interface, players can access the Dragon Soul interface and slay dragons.

Then, click on Heroic Dragon Soul to start. Each type of Dragon Soul has its unique attributes. Equipping it is of great help to boosting players’combat power.

Slaying dragons requires a certain Diamond. Dragon Soul can be divided into 4 grades: Blue, Purple, Orange and Red, the additional attributes of which increase one by one. Each grade may burst 4 levels of Dragon Souls. The higher the level, the more probable the Advanced Dragon Souls will be burst and the more money it costs.

In addition, Dragon Soul can be redeemed. Click Redeem Dragon Soul to enter the redeeming interface. By using the essence obtained from sublimation of the Dragon Soul, players can redeem Dragon Souls, avoiding the risk of dragon slaying. Dragon Souls of different levels require different number of essences.

To obtain the essences, players must sublimate at Sublimate Dragon Soul interface. Drag the Dragon Soul to Grail and sublimation will be done and players will receive Dragon Soul Essences. The higher the level, the more essences players will receive.



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