How to Play Call of Thrones And Control the Gameplay System

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Call of Thrones is one of Yeepgame's most popular online-games, which now has 36 servers and over thousands players. If you are a newbie to play Call of Thrones, you can read this article below that can guide you how to play it and how to control the gameplay system.

Call of Thrones is a 3D browser based RPG game. Every game has its uniqueness in terms of game features. One thing about this game is that it has a lot of events on going DAILY. Also there are some major events made by GMs to reward players GOLD. And another YES! For having a generous GMs and willing to help those who has problems in technicalities and in-game difficulties.

Since Call of Thrones is a browser based RPG game, it is expected to have a heavy load of memory needed to run the game. You can actually go in-game with short time.

How do you get into the game?

1、Firstly, you should have a Facebook account.
2、Secondly, log in you Facebook account. Use the search engine and type in Call of Thrones.
3、Thirdly,Click then Play and it will load for a few seconds. Click then play and create your character.

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Choose your gender (Male/Female):Hair style face style and Region
Choose your class: One-hand, Dual-wield, Two-hand and Polearm.
This is just some previews with mounts and pets.(Note: You do not get this when you logged-in your created character.)
Well, this is where you put your chosen in-game name (IGN)

4. Congratulation! You just have successfully made your first character.

Once you had created your character, you will get your first main quest. Worrying that you might get lost from doing quest?

Do not worry! Call of Thrones has its Auto Tracking System. So by just clicking on the quest on the mid-left side of the screen, it allows you to go automatically to the desired quest and also if you want to buy or talk to NPCs, just click the name of the NPCs found right beside the quest tab, still found in the mid-left side of the screen. Also there are side quest, and daily quest, which will reward you some exp, coins, vouchers and some items in-game (all items/equipment gained from quest are bounded).

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Quests can be boring and quite tiring at sometimes and what is other option to level your character? Call of Thrones also offers Instance System. Before you can enter instances you must reach level 15 to enter the first instance which is Rockyshore. You can choose 3 modes for the instance you want to enter. Normal , Heroic and Legendary either is OK. But before entering the instance system, make sure you have Study Mastery and Great Study Mastery which can be bought in Voucher zone in the Shop (Press N).

Instances give a huge amount of experience with Study Mastery (100% exp boost) and Greater Study Master (50% exp boost), Merits from instance quests, Items (weapons, armors and accessories), Sublimation Stone and Maps (Bamboo treasure map and Silk treasure map)

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Rockyshore (Lv15)
Ancient Tomb (Lv20)
Great Dessert (Lv25)
Lord's Path (Lv30)
Crimson Valley (Lv35)
High Post (Lv40)
Shrine of Rebirth (Lv45)
Blackice Spire (Lv50)
Hidden Cavern (Lv50)
Savage Forest (Lv55)
Kirin Island (Lv55)
Field of Thrones (Lv60)
Tower of Babel (Lv60)
Shadow City (Lv70)

Combat System:

You can either do it Manual Mode or by Auto-combat mode. You can choose from 4 modes in Auto-combat, Offensive, Balanced, Defensive and Support. In Manual mode, you do not need to choose from any of the 4 modes, since you'll be doing it manually.

AFK-Train System:

Got nothing to do? Tired from quest and instance? Then I guess you need to have some break. But while you are AFK (Away From Keyboard), you can actually do the Train found in you skill slot (Lower-left side of the screen, right next to the slot 9 of skill slot). By training, you gain skill points from every skills you learn, including one-hand, dual-wield, two-hand, and polearm. Training also gives skill points for poison, recovery, defense and trade skills. Not only that, but you get also combat mastery experience and as well as experience needed for leveling.

Combat Mastery

Call of Thrones Screenshot

So here is where your combat mastery experience is used for, by training or having "Combat Mastery Scroll" which gives 10,000 combat mastery exp. So you can get those Combat Skills once you reach the required Mastery. This Combat Skills give certain attributes: Str, Agi, Sta, Hp, Hp recovery, Ep recovery, Hp Drain, Ep Drain, Damage, Accuracy, Dodge, Defense, Block, Sunder, Critical and Crit dmg.

Character attributes:

Strength (Str): gives +3 Damage, +1 Accuracy and +5 HP
Stamina (Sta): gives +20 HP, +5 Defense, +1 EP and +1 Block
Agility: gives +2 Critical, +2 Dodge, +2 Accuracy and +5 HP
Com: Locked at the moment (Not implemented yet)

Important Reminders For Those Who Quite Understand

The Game Now: Reset every 0:00 PDT

1. Do your daily quest and side quest
2. Do your daily fights (15fight/day)
3. Collecting your Daily Rewards for gift packs and More Gifts for vouchers.
4. Get wages
5. Daily events
(1-5 are found above the screen interface, no chance that you will not be able to see it)
6. Upgrade your zodiac
7. Get your daily referrals

So far this is the only important things to remember every time you play Call of Thrones, the rest is up to you. Have fun and enjoy playing Call of Thrones on Yeepgame.

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