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Here is a guide about the Pockie Ninja,A Guide for Pockie Ninja (For Non-Gold Users) in Pockie Ninja. Thank Anixian who posted it on If you have any problem about it, just check below:

How to Change to Aizen
There are two ways to change an Orange outfit to the one you want.

!. Synthesis it with 2 1s items as the catalyst to get a random Orange Suit. Do this enough times and you will eventually get the suit you want.

2. Use the Armory Transfer Shop.pockie ninja

I used the transfer shop and put in 10,000 stones and lucky me I got my Aizen pockie ninja

More Tools for the Trade

I will now got thru and explain the finer points of the game. I will give valuable synthesis recipes for creating +'s to your outfits and other strategies I use. Plus providing you with links to more detailed information. As alaways if feel I have forgot something or you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will get back to you a.s.a.p.

Coupon Usage
There are a limited number of coupons you get during your first 40 levels. The 2 things I spend coupons on are...

Refining 3s or 4s items to acquire the stats you want. Only try for desired stats 2 or 3 times. I f you don't get what you want just use the item as is. You will get new items all the time.
Outdoor Explorations. Refreshing and replenishing tries are okay in my book. Do not refresh tries until the end of your day. Try to do as many as you can without spending coupons. Replenishing tries is good for your Ninja Diary as well. You need 20 exploration tries a day for the Ninja Diary. So wait to use replenishing till you are up to 10 tries per replenish.
I do not use the coupons for anything but refinement in the armory. You can get all the talismans you need from other places in the game.
There is a third thing to spend coupons on but its a pricey one. If you just cannot get your pet to learn attack and you need it then spend the 188 coupons in the Item Mall to buy the attack skill for your pet. You should try to just feed him first and learn the skill. Be patient its much cheaper.

Pets are a crucal part of the game. There is no such thing as the best pet. Each pet serves its own purpose and you should pick the one that best suit your character build. For a complete list of skills for pets I will have check out this page.

Again thanks to blackrabbit for providing this information.

Also remember as a stone user you need to choose a pet with a 30 synthesis value. The 40 synthesis valued pets are very hard to level up without gold. As always remember the Vulture is the easiest pet to level up with plenty of good skills


pockie ninja

Using the Arena

The Arena for me serves one main purpose, getting outfits to synthesis into Orange Outfits. Here is how I would use the Arena.

Once you turn level 15 go to the Arena and rank up one more time till you have 2000 medals. Then use those medals to complete the Colored Jar Quest. You should get at least 3 Grey Outfits. Which can be turned into Orange suits later. Also you can get your Skill Reset Stones here as well.
After that complete the rest of your tries for the day. Keep competing until you get your Senior Rank. Then just chill for a while till you get till level 40. If everything goes right you can reach Senior Rank by level 30. Just remember win or lose you get medals.
Try to keep you Arena Rank higher than 2000 so you can compete in the National Competition. This is another great place to get free medals.
Do not try to compete in the World Competition that is for high level users only. Its just a waste of stone otherwise. You can however bet on the World Competition which is another source for medals.
Synthesis Recipes for Stone Users to Remember

Here is a list of recipes you can use to create all the items you need to succeed as a stone user. If you failed in the above description given on how to obtain your first Orange Outfit use these recipes to create it. None of theses are a 100% cance for success so synthesis at your own risk.

Fresh Beer + 1s + 1s = Blue Exp Marker
Blue Exp Marker + 1s + 1s = 32 Synth food or Purple Exp Marker(which counts as a 32 Synth Food)
32 Food + 32 Food + 32 Food = Cake Box (39 Synth Value)
Gray Outfit + 2s +2s = Blue Outfit
Blue Outfit + 3s + 3s = Orange Outfit
Blue Outfit + Cake Box + Cake Box = Orange Outfit
Blue Outfit + 3s + Cake Box = Orange Outfit
The Daily Checklist

Well from here on out its pretty self explanatory. You have a set number of thing you have to do everyday.

Be sure to do your Pet Tracing.
Do your Los Noches tries everyday. Even if you just do 1 fight and gain some xp. I would only suggest going this route if you can start on level 25 or higher.
Do your Vahalla tries. Keep in mind that in order to compete in Vahalla you character should be at least 5 levels higher than the suggested level. If you are a low level be sure to go in with someone who is a higher level.
Complete as many Bounty Quest as you can everyday. Just use the auto complete and come back and check on them every once in awhile. It takes about 5 hours of game time to complete 20 quests. That does not mean you have to be signed in for 5 straight hours.
Outdoor Exploration is another crucial part for stone users. You will get lots of items to use in your synthesis experiments. Remember this is an acceptable place for Coupon usage. I would however wait till you get to Dawning Wilds (level 31) before spending to many coupons on this. Just because the prizes are more valuable.
Raise your Arena Rank to Senior so you can have a chance at free Orange Outfits. Try to save as many medals as you can till you get to Senior rank. Then spend them on the Senior Wishing Pot. "Pro" players will tell you to save your medals for xp but that's because they can buy there Orange Suits at the Market. "Pro" players also warn not raise your arena rank to fast for fear of becoming an apprentice. Do not worry about becoming an apprentice. You will get free xp and having apprentices is over rated.
Slot machines are another useful source for the stone user. You should if able do 30+ slots a day. This is where you will get your most valuble unbound items to sell in the market. I sell every unbound item I get for stones. If you have run out of coupons you can sell unbound items for gold as well. You will also receive many other item to make you character more powerful. If you want to sell items quickly check what the average prices are and sell yours for little less.
Dueling is good for measuring your characters strength and skill setup. Plus 10 duels a day will add to your Ninja Diary daily total.

More to Come

As questions and comments come in I will add more to this guide. I am just waiting to see if people need my help before putting any more information on this page. Good luck to my NINJA's andpeace be with you.



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