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Planet War

Newbie Guide

In order to make the game much easier and increase its interesting, we provide answers to some frequent questions. There are four kinds of questions of Newbie Preparation Guide, ABC Course, Base Construction, Fleet Building and Commander Upgrading.

Newbie Preparation

Q: Does it need to download the Planet War to Player’s computer?
A: Planet War is a Webgame that you can play in your browser without downloading any client software. Also don’t worry any special requirements to your computer hardware.

Q: Should Flash Plug-in be downloaded if the game page can’t be displayed normally?
A: Please promptly download the Plug-in of “flash_player.exe”.

Q: How to do if the function district is not displayed (or Script Error)?
A: Install Flash Plug-in of Adobe Flash Player 9.0 ActiveX could be downloaded on the official website:

Q: How to do when it is difficult to load in the game?
A: 1. Refresh the loading page.
2. it’s advised to clear the cache of browser. Click Tool-IE Options to delete temporary files and load the game again.

ABC Course

Q: How to find my Main Star?
A: Your Main Star is not displayed in other players’ Star Map. Click Main Star Location in the bottom right corner of Galaxy Map to find your Main Star. You can quickly zoom in and out the map by rolling the scroll wheel of your mouse so as to find your location accurately.

Q: Where should I operate Main Quest?
A: Click the button of Exploration on the top of the screen to choose the main quests.

Q: Will the galaxy I occupied be attacked?
A: in the game, your main galaxy is absolutely safe and will not be attacked by other players. But the new Base occupied by upgrading Advanced Engineering could be attacked by others. The galaxy occupied by your new Base will be taken away and your new Base will be vacant.

Q: How to use VIP card?
A: Firstly, click Claim VIP Card to obtain your VIP Card Activationg Code, then click Start Play and click the inverted triangle district displayed on the top of Character Portrait in the bottom left corner. Choose VIP Card from pop-up button and type in the Activation Code to get the reward.

Q: How to obtain Star Coin?
A: The methods you can obtain Star Coin are as follows.
(1)Click the bottom right button of Trade and choose Trade in the pop-up interface to gain Star Coin by selling your resources.
(2)Buy the credit card in the Mall and obtain Star Coin by using the credit card.
(3)Complete bounty quests. Click stars with super purity and choose bounty. Dispatch your fleet and fight for the Star Coin. You will gain Star Coin after success in fighting.
(4)Complete main quests.

Q: How to claim the quest rewards?
A: Click the Quest of bottom left corner to choose relative quest with marks of Claiming, which means it is not be claimed. Click button Claiming and you will get the rewards.

Q: how many kinds of resources in this game? How to increase the yield?
A: there are three kinds of resources which are Metal, Crystal and Fuel (also known as particle). Improve the plant levels separately of them will increase their yield. There are another 2 mineral occurrences whose upper limitation is 50000 (yield will not exceed the upper limit). Expect for fuel, these 2 occurrences are exclusive.

Advanced Guide

Base Construction

Q: will the resources increase after I exit the game?
A: The resources will also increase even you exit the game. Please pay attention to your storage capacity lest the waste of resources caused by full storage after you exit the game.

Q: how to upgrade the resource upper limit of the Small Planets in Defense Area?
A: the resource upper limit of the Small Planets in Defense Area is constant and can’t be upgraded. Please pickup the resources timely.

Q: How to increase the electric power?
A: Click Base of main interface, Production-Upgrade in choice of Power Plant.

Q: How to increase the speed of construction?
A: players can increase the construction speed by upgrading Basic Engineering in Tech. the construction speed will be increase by 1% every level. Build your Research Centre, click Tech and choose Producing and click Basic Engineering to upgrade it.

Q: Is there any limitation on upgrading of Base?
A: all constructions consume power which is supplied by Power Plant. So please remember upgrade the level of Power Plant timely. The upper limit of construction is determined by the level of Commander Centre. The upper limit will increase by 10 every level upgrading of Commander Centre.

Q: How to increase your fighting capacity of your fleet?
A: Increase your fighting capacity by upgrading military technology. Build Research Centre in Centre of Base, click Tech-Military and choose relative choice.

Q: Why the options in Tech are dark?
A: the upgrading of some Tech requires Research Centre meets relative requirements. Additionally, some advanced tech skills could be upgraded after the corresponding skill up to certain level.

Fleet Building

Q: how to create fleet?
A: click the button Fleet of upper right and type in your fleet name. Then choose commander, place the warships on your favorite location and type the amount. Click button of Create at last.

Q: Why there is always presentation of No Overlapping while creating the fleet?
A: the scale of fleet is finite. You can only arrange your warship in limited district and the overlapping is not allowable. So please pay attention on it when you create the fleet.

Q: How to disband the fleet?
A: Click button Fleet in the bottom left corner of game interface, choose the fleet which you wanna to disband by clicking it in the pop-up interface and click the button Disband.

Q: How to withdraw the fleet in other star?
A: Click Fleet in bottom left corner of game interface, choose the fleet and click Withdraw.

Q: How to produce Flagship?
A: After your Large Dock was constructed, click Shipyard and choose Flagship in the pop-up icon. Please pay attention to your reserves of specific materials which is necessary to produce higher level flagship.

Q: Why can’t I repair my flagship?
A: it’s necessary to gain relative resources to repair flagship. The reformed flagships need you to provide relative reformed materials to repair. Players should pay attention to it.

Q: How to get the materials used for flagship producing?
A: You can obtain Encrypted Compressed Chest by exploration on unexplored stars. You can get the materials randomly by using that item.

Q: what is the function of Advanced Plant?
A: You can maintenance and reform your flagships and produce equipments of flagship in advanced plant. Meanwhile, you can repair damaged flagships after battle.

Commander Upgrading

Q: How to obtain a commander?
A: the only way to obtain a commander is completing main quest of Exploration. There will be rewards of commander after you completing the quests.

Q: how to check my commander(s)?
A: Click commander portrait of bottom left corner in game interface to check all information of your commander(s).

Q: How many kinds of attributes does the commander have? What are the functions of these attributes?
A: The attributes of commander include Attack, Command and Admin. The level of Attack decides the attract capacity of fleet. The Attack increases by 1 will increase the flagship’s attack by 1 and other battleships’ attack by 0.1. The level of Command decides fleet’s total tonnage and life. Increase by 1 point of Commander will increase total tonnage by 20 and all fleet’s amour by 1. Admin affects yield of resources and it takes effect only the commander is assigned as Governor. Resource yield of the base where the governor is will increase by 1% every 50 of Admin increase.

Q: Why my different commanders get different attributes point while upgrading?
A: Military rank of commander decides the amount of attributes while upgrading. Higher rank will get more point of attributes while upgrading.

Q: Why can’t I find my equipments which are bought in black market of Defense area in inventory of the commander?
A: Please check Commander and other choices in Inventory icon. Some items are equipped by commander after using.

8 Game Tips for Newbies

After long time playing Planet War, I have summarized some game tips. Now I will share with other players and hope it is useful for newbies. Please feel free to share your tips with me too.

1. Read the ingame text indicates for newbie after your login.

2. Check the Small Planets rich in Crystal/Metal in Rim interface to get resources timely after your login.

3. Notice the army arrangement of enemies in the quests of Exploration. Do not blindly sell resources of new occupied star because these resources can't be taken away.  

4. Produce acquired spacecrafts and upgrade corresponding Tech according to the spacecrafts of enemy.  

5. Because the Star Coin is limited in earlier stage, upgrade the Tech after deliberation.  

6. Absolutely advantaged spacecraft does not exist, so produce spacecrafts according to Fleet Production panel to avoid unnecessary losses before you are familiar with every spacecraft’s advantage.  

7. Produce spacecrafts according to the fleet arrangement of enemy will minimize the loss.  

8. Make sure to use items in the right base when use the items which is obtained in quests.

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