Indomitus Guide: Military Development

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After playing Indomitus for a period of time,it must be desirous for you to make advance. The real-time MMORTS game offers an exciting, fresh new world for players to experience. Here is the guide of military development from its official forum.

Once you have a few manors and some resources, it’s time to prepare for war. All you need are heroes and units, and then you can rally squads and join the fight. Let’s go through it one step at a time! The first thing you’ll need is a few heroes…


You should recruit some heroes from the Altar of Heroes in the city. Your first 3 heroes are free. To get more than 3, just go to the Research menu and upgrade the Cingulum MIlitare research. You can refresh the Altar of Heroes 10 times a day by chanting incantations. Occasionally, legendary heroes will appear. These heroes are especially strong, so you should recruit them when you have a chance! While you’re waiting for a battle you can level your heroes to make them stronger. Now that you have a few heroes, they need some units to command…




Units are the most basic part of your military. You should pick a few manors to specialize in producing units; build several military buildings in each of these manors. Then, start recruiting! Try to make sure your military buildings are always in the process of recruiting. You can send more resources from nearby manors to help keep building units.

There are 4 basic types of units, infantry, cavalry, archers, and siege. Each has strengths and weaknesses. The unit type you choose to focus on should be based on your best hero abilities and your hero’s current status. Ask around for advice on which units to build!


Once you have heroes and units, you can rally squads…


Squads are the basic units of your attack force. Squads are made of a hero and units joined together. Units fight together with their squad’s hero, and hero stats, formations and abilities help enhance units’ fighting strength.

To rally a squad, first go to a manor where you have recruited some idle units. Click Rally Squads, then select a hero to command the squad. Then, pick the units to rally, and drag the Food bar (next to the Food icon) to give the squad food. You’re done! Now you can deploy your squads to battle!



Important: Squads need food to march and fight. Without food, your squad will sit there and not attack in battle.




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