Nadirim Closed Beta Preview by Ron Fair

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Overall: 8/10

Nadirim is a great throwback to the old RPGs of the Nintendo and Super Nintendo. While there is nothing groundbreaking about the game, at least not when compared to video games in general, Nadirim is perfect for anyone wanting to revisit the style that made console RPGs so famous and beloved. The closed beta as is caters to both the pragmatic MMO player who wants to build up through a linear game story and quests and to the traditional MMO player who still loves to grind (and apparently they’re still out there). While there is no PvP yet, it should prove to be slow and strategic, allowing players to think and plan ahead, which ought to provide an equally-satisfying PvP experience as the game does a PvE experience. Top it off with a friendly community and great staff accessibility and personnel, and the result is an MMO that’s definitely worth a try. Whether or not it’s fair to say that Nadirim is one of the better MMOs to be found on the market, is it certainly fair to say that this game is one of the best browser-based experiences just waiting to be discovered.

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Digital Reality may or may not have called upon their own classic titles to construct this Arabian hit, but they’ve certainly called upon classic titles from all over gaming history to create an interesting and engaging hybrid that has a good chance of winning over even the most skeptical of MMO players. Combine this with a few modern MMO elements, and you have a game that’s definitely worth playing.

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The closed beta community in Nadirim is also one of the nicest communities around, and the game’s staff -- including GMs and developers, seem to be around and available ‘round the clock to take care of any gameplay issues that arise. While the community may be seen as a bonus, the staff availability and helpfulness is one of the most important aspects to any online-based game -- because as good as a game is, if nobody will help players with their bugs and flaws, the game’s just not fun.

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Despite being developed in Hungary, the developers and staff have been committed to eliminating culture barriers in the game. The staff is fluent in both English and Hungarian, and for the closed beta English is the only language used. Servers for other languages will be added in the later stages of the game’s development, so the game will be international user-friendly by launch time.


Part 1: Gameplay
Part 2: Graphic, Sound and Controls
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