Nadirim Closed Beta Preview by Ron Fair

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Graphics: 7/10

Unlike a majority of browser-based games, Nadirim employs a realistic graphics style which works in the game’s favor very well. Humans and monsters in battle look more photographic than animated, there is no particular cartoon-y stylization to the world objects, and equipment aims to look as authentic as possible.

Most importantly, though, the world just looks pretty.

Big cities are green and lush and captivating, with majestic buildings that catch the eye and inspire awe. Lakes and the rare oasis have such peaceful blue waters with a gentle flow and ebb. Old towns and slums are sandy and bleak, with rotting and dilapidated homes, and vast deserts are nothing but bleak wastelands, unmoving, bright, but punishing. The use of colors is absolutely fantastic in this game, as is the use of world objects (or lack thereof, in many cases).

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There are two things about the graphics in Nadirim that are disappointing, however, and the first factor is the game’s icons. In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t particularly important; but items in the inventory are very boring and static, and the equipment icons just look slap-dash. The skill icons are far worse, containing simple and sometimes random pictures that don’t always make sense.

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The second disappoint factor can be found in battles, and the problem is that battles look lazy. The player character is the same static image from the creation screen, which can also be found in the inventory menu, and they never do anything in battle. They move in and out of the foreground during turns, and maybe shake a little when attacking or being attacked, but that’s it. Monsters are the same: there’s no change in motion, nor is there even a new picture appropriate for battle at any time.

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Attack graphics are just as lazy, and they range from a curved clash to a descending circle, with the occasional puff of smoke or claw rake. Now, to be fair, these graphical limitations are in place to keep the game’s overall framerate both high and stable. This is completely fair -- but it doesn’t change the fact that battles can be boring.

And there is a good indication that these complaints will be addressed in the near future, which may make an already visually-appealing game even more so.

Sound: 9/10

If gameplay is Nadirim’s most appealing feature, then its music is the most charming. Nadirim is an fantasy Arabian world rich with magic and mystery among the tales of shady dealers and desert assassins; and while the selection of songs and ambient sounds are limited, they suck the player right into the world and keep them gripped in tightly. The battle music is epic and makes the player feel like they’re in a monumental struggle for survival, but returning to the world map is just as much a treat when the sounds of low horns and bells float from the speakers.

Sound effects in battle are a little uninspired and, in some cases, perhaps even lower in quality, but the game’s music is so mesmerizing that a few generic-sounding slashes go unnoticed to anyone but those listening for them.

Controls: 10/10

The controls in Nadirim are so simple, a toddler can pick it up with no problem. Everything about the game is point-and-click: click on a destination to go there, click on a target to attack, click on the attack to use, etc. The interface still needs a little work as updates come, but most hotkeys are exactly what they should be. As a point of intrigue, they almost mirror Neverwinter Nights perfectly, but the hotkeys in that game were also, by and large, exactly what they should be. It should be believed, given the browser format, that if any new features are added to the game, their controls will be just as streamlined and user-friendly.

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