Legend: Legacy of the Dragons Guide: Tips for Newbie

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Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Legend: Legacy of the Dragons is a free, award winning fantasy browser-based MMORPG featuring awesome graphics and traditional RPG gameplay. Before you start your journey to the Faeo world, you should know something that will help you to be a good advanturer. Zebedee from the official forum will explain these information to you.


What Every New Player Should Know  

By Zebedee at official forum

This is not a guide telling you how to play the game or a strategy guide, but some information about what you should really know about the game that most new players don't figure out until they are a higher level or until they fall foul of Faeo's justice system.

1) There are players with an orange M symbol by their names, they are Mentors, you can ask anything that you don't know about the game or can't figure out.

2) One player can play only one character. Creating 'multies' or 'alts' is absolutely forbidden. If two people are playing from one computer, you have to write each other's names in both your infos. If you want to start again and play a different character, never log into the old character again. It will get auto-deleted after a certain time. If it was in the game for a little while, then ask a Guard to put your old character in jail.

3) It follows from 2 that you absolutely cannot start a new character and transfer gold/items from the old character to the new. You will very quickly have both characters in the jail, and it will cost a LOT of gold to get them out again.

4) Guards are a special clan of players who are entrusted to serve other players by ensuring the game rules are kept. You can tell them by their clan symbol of a man with a pointy beard. Their clan link is:

5) The chat rules are strictly kept by the Moderating Guards and the Mentors. If you break them, you can expect to be gagged from anything from 1 minute for a mild infringement to 90 days for a recurring very serious chat offence.

6) If you spot anyone else breaking the chat rules, for example if someone insults you or swears at you in private chat, then if you right-click on the time-stamp of the offending message, then all the Guards and Mentors online can see the message and if necessary give a verbal warning or gag the offending player.

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