Zorg Empire: A Strategy Space MMORPG

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Zorg Empire

Zorg Empire is a strategy space mmorpg. In Zorg Empire, Player starts as an Emperor. Players build up planets, research new technologies and create fleets trying to become the ruler of the universe.

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You start, owning one planet. Here are some of the things you can do:
-Build mines and harvest resources
-Build a variety of different buildings which help your empire in a different way.
-Research new technologies
-Create Planet Defenses and defend against attacks from other players
-Create fleets to aid in defense or use them to attack other planets.
-Create a colony ship and inhabit new planets.
-Create strong alliances to help your empire stand the test of time
-Use espionage to get important information about your opponents.
-Create powerful fleets and rule the universe.

The Playing Field

ZE is a Universe of 9 Galaxies each with 499 Systems in them. Each System has room for 15 Planets (called slots) with the 16th slot reserved for Expedition Missions. Players start with a Home Planet that has 163 building spaces on it. They can have up to 20 additional colonies giving a total of 21 planets. The number of building spaces on colony planets varies greatly but you can destroy a colony planet and try again.

As the result of a battle, sometimes moons are formed around a planet. You can not buy a moon. It must be created from an attack on a planet or colony. You are highly encouraged to build defenses on planets and colonies. The fleet in orbit around planet or colony will also provide defense during an attack.

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    To build your empire, you're going to need several resources:

  • Metal - is produced from mines. Metal is the back bone of all construction- whether it's fleets, defenses, technologies, or even other resources.
  • Crystal - is also produced from mines. Crystal is used to build technological requirements within the empire and is an integral requirement for purchasing and upgrading research and technologies.
  • Deuterium - is produced from water using synthesizers. Deuterium is the fuel for the empire. No fleet can move without it and several technologies use it as a source of energy.
  • Energy - is produced using Solar Satellites, Solar Plants, or Fusion Reactors. Mines and synthesizer will not work without it. Insufficient energy will result in diminished production of any other commodity.

Metal, Crystal, and Deuterium are the financial currency of the game. You use them as you’d use money to purchase everything for your empire.

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There are several styles of play that are used (or combinations of styles) that form a basic strategy for game play.

Miner- A Miner relies on building resource mines and synthesizers as the player’s primary source of point generation.
DEFENSE: Small to moderate. Typically relies on a cargo fleet to fleet save and shuttle resources from one planet to another.
FLEET: Minimal offensive capability. Usually a large transport fleet with a small contingent of recycler ships.

Turtle- An extreme form of Miner that relies on heavy defenses to protect resources.
DEFENSE: Very large (to the point of what some consider extreme).
FLEET: Virtually none.

Fleeter- A Fleeter relies primarily on attacking other player’s planets and/or fleets to gain points.
FLEET: Large contingent of offensive ships and recyclers.

Raider- A Raider is a player who combines the playing styles of the Miner and the Fleeter, making small attacks against planets and/or fleets yet investing in mines and synthesizers to supplement their empire.
DEFENSE: Small to moderate.
FLEET: Even mix of offensive and transport ships.

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