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Doxapolisis a social gaming portal where you showcase your tastes in the finer things in life while using your business acumen and street suaveness to build the most formidable empire around. It is a "relaxed strategy interactive gaming portal" where you compete to have the residence, the vehicles and be a part of the strongest house in Doxapolis city.

The name "Doxapolis" stems from the two Greek words "Doxa" and "Polis" which mean "Glory" and "City" respectively. Hence, a direct translation would be "City of Glory". The game is built for gamers and non-gamers alike, basically any one with social networking experience and some business acumen can become a Doxapolis dignitary.

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Doxapolis is also built as a platform to display and share tastes in fashion, accessories, interior design and much more amongst friends and others. You are provided with various social tools to interact with friends and competitors: chatrooms, newsfeeds, raffles, gifts, flashgames and a forum to name a few.

As you personal wealth grows, you move up the social ladder until you live in a castle with private jets, maids, chefs and so on, living the life. Getting ahead of the competition isn't going to be easy, but that is part of what Doxa is all about: you get to learn and try out business-savvy moves, monetary risks, social dynamics and much more that could come in quite handy in the real world.

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How to play

Your objective is to become the trendiest urbanite in Doxapolis by systematically amassing wealth in the face of competition and strategically using it to overcome game obstacles.

  1. 1.You are automatically assigned a room (profile) and can be part of only one house at any point in time.
  2. 2.You are able to generate flos (Doxapolis currency) in different ways.
  3. 3.You use the money you generate to buy items from the marketplace. The items will be added to your room.
  4. 4.The items you buy have a parameter called "splendor" which is a measurement of how "cool" the item is and also a measure of how much "splendor tithe" you get in return.
  5. 5.Once your room has over 500 points in splendor, you are able to attack other rooms/houses with weapons you buy from the market place.
  6. 6.Your house can own and control any of the estates and hence share the profits received from the Skewlgate trips.

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  7. 7.There is a weekly screen shot of the top residences and top houses. Your objective is to make it into these weekly lists.
  8. 8.The Activity Index is a measure of how active you are on the platform. Currently it is increased when you buy an item, when you visit an estate, and when you destroy someone elses item.
  9. 9.Once you have amassed an Activity Index of 200 and splendor of 25,000, you are able to upgrade your residence into something cooler and more upper class, a bungalow. You now get to have a garage which means you can own all sort of cool vehicles.
  10. 10.You continue to move up the Doxapolis social ladder (duplexes, penthouses, mansions etc) by accumulating the needed levels of Splendor and A.I using your savviness and our various tools on the platform until you own one of the 3 castles in Doxapolis city and all your friends are your subjects.

There are various ways for social interaction e.g walls, pics and picture comments, house walls, public chat, house private lounges (for private meetings, strategy discussions etc amongst house members), tourist destination reviews, forums and much more.

Doxapolis Screenshot
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Doxapolis Screenshot
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