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is a slow-paced real-time strategy game. Construction, training, research, transportation and combat are all real-time and slow-paced. It takes a few days to get your kingdom rolling. Patience and discipline in Warbrew are essential to your kingdom's success.

Most players administer their kingdom on coffee breaks, lunch breaks, in between classes, after work and on weekends. Hardcore players will gain slight but considerable advantage micro-managing their kingdom.

Warbrew is a persistant game. This means that your kingdom is always active, even when you are not logged in. For example, you can order a peasant to cut wood and from that point forward he will continue to cut wood regardless if you are on or off. When you return after class, work or a nap, you'll notice your peasant has been busy the entire time cutting wood.

Warbrew is a massive multiplayer game. This means you will be sharing your entire game experience with hundreds of other players. You will be able to form alliances, trade and war with other players. It's key to your kingdom's survival to have foreign relations. You should begin exploration as soon as you can to find trade and military allies.

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