Perfect 11 Soccer: An Online 3D Soccer Game

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Perfect 11 Soccer

Perfect 11 Soccer is a 3D Browser Based Online-Multiplayer Soccer Game with highly detailed visuals, top notch Gameplay and an atmosphere like in an actual Soccer Stadium. Challenge, be challenged and fight to the top of the Highscore!



In singleplayer mode the opponent will be controlled by the CPU. To open up a singleplayer match, create a game und put CPU in the slot blow your username instead of open.

Multiplayer friendly match

This time the opponent will be controlled by another user, because it's not relevant for the Highscore, all settings concerning the match can be changed.

Multiplayer Score Match

Basically the same as a Friendly Match with a few vital differences. The games outcome will be transponded into the highscore and the match settings are locked on default. To play you only have to join or create a game with this option.

Perfect 11 Soccer Screenshot
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Singleplayer tournament

Right now, this format is the only available tournament. After you have selected a free tournament room click Start Tournament to view and edit the Tournament Settings such as stadion selection, team selection, etc.

The singleplayer tournament offers 3 different difficulty settings: Easy (4 rounds), Intermediate (5 rounds), Heavy (6 rounds). You automatically start with difficulty Easy. You have to beat Easy mode to be able to access Intermediate and so on. Your best results will be saved and transponded into the tournament highscore. The best results are added up to a Total score.

Perfect 11 Soccer Screenshot
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Check Requirements

Minimum configuration

- Graphics board with 64 MB
- CPU with 1,2 GHz
- 256 MB RAM
- Windows XP / Linux / Mac OS X

Internet connection

By reading this guide one can safely assume your internet connection works. If you use a proxy please make sure that it allows the download of JAR files and is combatible with HTTP/1.1.

Perfect 11 Soccer Screenshot
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"Perfect 11 Soccer" requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Please note that you can use version 1.5 but the downside is that all data has to be loaded at the game start whereas with version 1.6, data will only be loaded when needed.

Perfect 11 Soccer Screenshot
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