Cyber Citizens: Wanna Live a Daily Life Online?

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Cyber Citizens

Cyber Citizens is a massively multiplayer persistent online strategy game since 2006. Create a citizen and specify characteristics such as a first and last name, height, weight, age, sex, and starting city, and more. Travel around the game map to find a job, purchase items to improve your citizen ratings, visit your local bank, gather city and nation statistics at the courthouse, and read up on important news at the local news stand. Once you become established in the game create your own company and hire employees who can work for you out of company branches from other cities in the game including New York, London, Mumbai, Tokyo, Sydney, and more.

Cyber Citizens Screenshots

Join or create your own political party and get elected as the city mayor to manage your city by setting city tax rates, hiring city employees and setting their pay rates, enacting city ordinances that directly affect the lives of all citizens living in your city, and more. Meet up with friends and send them messages and trade offers. Commit crimes by finding enemies and attacking them in player versus player fights or attempt to rob city locations to steal cash. Get caught committing crimes and you may get sent to jail. Become a bounty hunter and track wanted felons and send them to jail and collect cash rewards from the city. Cyber Citizens is developed by the creator of the popular nation simulation game Cyber Nations.

Cyber Citizens Screenshots
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Cyber Citizens Screenshots
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Here is Cyber Citizens Guide: Instruction of City Map

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