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Battrick is a free online cricket management game in which you compete against teams managed by other users from all over the world. You have complete control over your club, from ground preparation to team selection, from finances to coaching, and from buying and selling players to hiring and firing backroom staff.

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When you register for the game, a team is assigned to you from the pool of computer controlled teams in your chosen country. Every team has a page called "Pavillion". Pavillion page is visible to everyone. Also, there is a "Club Info" page where you can reach your team specific information.


After your team is created, you're assigned a squad of 18 players or, cricketers. You can expand your squad by the way of transfers and youth academy promotion. Your players are contracted to your team in their lifetime unless you sell of fire them. If a player is fired, he immediately retired himself from cricket and "looking to run a county pub"

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There are 3 kinds of matches in this game:
- OD: One-day game, 50 overs.
- FC: First class game, 3 days, 110 overs for each day.
- BT20: Shortest for of the game, 20 overs.
Every kind of game has its own league hierarchy. An OD division consists of 8 teams, FC division has 6 teams and BT20 division has 12 teams.


Every team has a stadium which you can reach from the Ground page. At first, it has 6500 capacity. You can expand its capacity, and change its name.


Once the match starts, you can watch ball by ball commentary. You can't give in game tactics; you must do it before the match. But in FC matches, you can change your tactics between the days. Weather is very important for the cricket matches. There are weather indicators in the match page. But, fortunately, it does not rain in Battrick.

Friendly Matches/Custom Leagues

There is no custom league organized by Battrick. But you can play friendly matches with other human players. The friendly matches are played on Sundays. Custom leagues may be organized by players themselves in the way of friendlies; but the fixtures, league tables must be calculated by the players themselves.

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