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KeyWord: ThemePark Manager, simulation, business, themepark., manage, park, Tycoon
Summary: ThemePark Manager is a free to play game in which you take control of and manage your own theme park. It will be your job to look after park visitors and primarily control finances so that your park is as profitable as possible whilst maintaining a good rating from your virtual visitors.
ThemePark Manager

ThemePark Manager is an online text based browser MMORPG, where you play the role in the life of a theme park owner. This game brings fans of common RPG's such as The Rollercoaster Tycoon series to play online, in real time with friends, family and other players! It is for everyone, whether you love the challenge of becoming the best park owner in the game, or love to socialise and cause havoc on competitor’s parks! This game really has everything for all ages 13 plus.

Themepark Manager
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Features of the Game

  • - Research and develop new attractions for your park
  • - Choose how much to charge visitors for entering and riding on attractions
  • - Maintain your land, purchasing new land and selling it on to other players to make a profit
  • - Begin to sell merchandise and food to satisfy your visitors needs
  • - See how named individual visitors to your park feel and what their thaughts are
  • - Loan money from the bank to ease park finance issues
  • - Compete agaisnt other parks for visitor rating and financial success
  • - Join park groups with friends and family to unite as one competing company against other groups
  • - Hire staff to clean up the park, maintain rides and entertain your guests
  • - Act devilish and do things like littering other managers' park's with leaflets
  • - Get involved with the lively community of other themepark managers (all ages and origins). There are chat room, forums and personal messaging available for you to get to know other managers
  • - Work through different levels as your park rating increases to certain standards


Themepark Manager
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Themepark Manager
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Themepark Manager
Park Staff Screenshot

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