Universe Wars: An Online Empire-Building Game

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Universe Wars

Universe Wars is a browser-based game. You begin as a leader of a small village and must rule your empire to crush your enemies. Universe Wars, or Uwars for short, is an online empire-building game (some may also understand MMORPG). It has an expansive population, busy forums, and a (mostly) friendly chat.

A wide variety of people gather on Uwars to build an army, team together (alliances), and destroy their enemies. A wide variety of units, as well as the Spycraft feature and much more, makes it a game definitely worth playing. Gameplay lasts, for a round, about 3 months long. At the end of each round, the three best players are awarded prizes.

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Join A Round

A round is one universe. At any one time more than one round can be running with different game types and durations. Click "Join" under the one you'd like to play and enter an empire name. You can join as many rounds as you like!

Game Play

You start off as a small village with some workers, land and a small amount of resources to get started. You'll need to explore, build, research, spy and attack to eventually have the most powerful and valueable empire in the universe. All you need to play is an Internet connection and a web browser.


Everything you do will work on a scale of "ticks". A tick in a normal game type takes 15 minutes which means if a building takes 3 ticks to build it will take 45 minutes. These are used for everything from exploring, constructing, researching, training military and attacking. You can get faster ticks buy applying a "PLUS" key which will make tick 10 minutes.

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Your empire worth is a calculation based on many metrics such as the buildings you have. In the "Domination" game type empires are ranked using this value.


  • LandLand: For building on
  • PopulationPopulation: Can be made into workers and required for military units
  • FoodFood: To feed your population, workers and to train units
  • WoodWood: Required by nearly all buildings
  • GoldGold: Used for nearly everything from training workers,constructing, exploring and military units.
  • IronIron: Required by nearly all buildings
  • OilOil: Used to build tanks and aircraft
  • KnowledgeKnowledge: Used to research new technologies
  • Tokens: Each token simulates a tick for just your empire

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