Soccer Manager: A Free Online Multiplayer Football Manager Game

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soccer-manager is free of charge. You manage your team using your web browser. Matches are played at least twice a week. You can log on at any time to check the status of your squad, check results and fixtures,make player transfers or just have a chat with the rapidly expanding community.

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Game Features

- Massive multi-player online soccer management game
Allows you and thousands more to engage in an interactive online soccer world. Similar to the traditional paper based play-by-mail and PC games, but with all the advantages that playing online can bring!

- Player ratings are continually reviewed and updated based upon their real life form
A major part of the game is to find the stars of the future and purchase them in your gaming world before your rival managers do!

- Compete with other real life managers
For league and cup glory and also in the transfer market for the worlds best players.

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- Watch live match and game world scores
On match days for every club you manage.

- Huge amount of player statistics
For all your players, from goals scored, assists, number of yellow/red cards, their average playing performance, morale, condition and many, many more.

- Masses of formations, playing styles, tactical options
Substitution choices, allowing you to micro manage your teams match day tactics.

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- All the league tables
For all the divisions in your game world, plus the tables that show the leading scorers, best performing players, most red and yellow cards and man of match awards.

- Sophisticated transfer market
Allowing you to negotiate complex deals, loans, as well as the ability to buy all players within the gaming world.

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- Detailed match reports and minute by minute match commentery
Giving you detailed descriptions and information on how your team performed in all their matches.

- Monitor your clubs budget
With detailed weekly financial statements for all your clubs incomings and outgoings.

- Join your friends
In the same league, and build up your friends network to see how their teams are doing.

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