SpineWorld: Earn Badges to Show Off in the Virtual World

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SpineWorld is a virtual world where kids can socialize and play mini-games together. SpineWorld is decidedly nonviolent, instead players can raise pets, buy new clothes for their avatars, and decorate their very own apartment room. Several NPCs scattered across the world provide players with quests and achievements for exploration earn players badges to show off.

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Decorate your Apartment!

· Teleport to your own apartment in Sky Towers!
· Paint, decorate, buy sofas and TV's or foam bubble machines and dancing plants!
· Simply chill or throw a party where everybody is invited.

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Tend your Pet!

· Get yourself a pet, from the metallic Boiler Bot to the cuddly Polar Qanuck!
· If you take good care of your pet it can help you find rare items and dig up ancient treasures.

Meet others!

· Spineworld has a state of the art chat system and a truly global audience, you will make friends with people from all over the world!
· Create a club with your friends and get club only clothes, club chat, emoticons and lots more.

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Play Games!

· Challenge your friends to Magic Toggle, Steamcar Racer, GoMoKu or any of our many multiplayer minigames!

Do Missions!

· Help the Bongo family with their different chores, assist the Librarians in learning about the world or do missions for the famous Captain Hadley!
· Earn coin, unique clothes, emoticons, achievements, furniture and a lot more while learning about Spineworld.

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Explore the world!

· Travel quickly by using the ancient tely-port pyramids!
· Visit exotic places like the Meyan Jungle, dare the depths of the Beneath.
· Journey by foot, train, skyrails, zeppelin or plane.

SpineWorld Screenshot
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