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Pandanda is a vibrant and fun online community designed especially for kids’ages 6-14 years old! Kids get to create an online character (a very cute red panda), decorate their own tree house, collect treasures, win awards and do other things in a controlled environment.

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This is a review from commonsense. This site analyzed Pandanda with the educational value, the game message, the language in game, consumer education and parental controls. Check details below:

Review of Pandanda

From commonsense

Educational value

The site touts money management and reading as two educational draws. But there's very little substantive educational components here. It's more about the fun of dressing up and building a home for the little panda, wandering about the virtual world, and playing games.


Some examples of positive messages this site imparts: Reminders early on in the registration process about Internet safety, a regularly updated blog that encourages kids to notice what's new on the site, and games that include searching to find hidden objects


There's a safe chat mode that allows for only pre-scripted text or a standard filter chat, which is a site filter that reportedly filters out bad words. That said, a number of users on this site speak languages other than English, so whether it filters out bad language in other languages remains in question.


Parental controls

Parents are required to supply email address at time of registration, and they are given access to change chat mode, and cancel account at any time.




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