Pandanda: Have a Panda Party with Friends!

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Pandanda is a vibrant and fun online community designed especially for kids’ ages 6-14 years old! Kids get to create an online character (a very cute red panda), decorate their own tree house, collect treasures, win awards and do other things in a controlled environment.

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Game Features

Kids in Pandanda can:

- Decorate their own tree houses
- Collect treasures
- Win awards
- Play multiplayer games
- Express themselves by customizing their own player card
- Dress their character
- Adopt pets
- Spend their coins on clothes and furniture
- Gain access to member only virtual locations if child becomes an elite member
- Learn responsible online behavior
- Do some quests

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Chat Types

There are two types of chat in Pandanda, Safe Chat and Standard Filtered Chat. Both types of chat are designed to provide a safe chatting experience. Here is an overview of each type:

Safe Chat: Players can choose words and phrases explicitly approved by the Pandanda Team from a pre-determined list. This means they will not be allowed to type their own messages. Players in Safe Chat mode will only be able to see messages from other players using Safe Chat mode.

Standard Filtered Chat: Players may type their own messages, but all messages are filtered to prevent inappropriate words and phrases as well as personal information from being shared. Although precautions are in place to protect your child from offensive chat, comments you might find offensive may occasionally get through. The Pandanda team will be monitoring the chat and players who participate in inappropriate chat will be silenced or banned permanently.

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