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Kadokado is a mini game platform. Enjoy more than 60 exclusive games all developed by Motion-Twin. You can play and obtain Kado points to win Amazon Gift Cards!

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This is a review made by Goozik in Ixgames Forum. He explained the pros and the cons of the game site with the analysis of minigames in KadoKado. Check details below:

Review of KadoKado

By Goozik in Ixgames Forum

The only skill gaming site I've found that's outside the mold of the others in more then one way.

Where to begin? Guess the best and worst of the site
Best- You can cash out with out ever depositing.
Worst- Cash out is awarded in gift certificates.(but obv u can sell that if ur after the paypal funds.

2nd best- 50+ games with @ least one new one each month.
2nd worst- Only four free games play per day. They don't stack, so log in each day. Obv more can be bought. 1st game play of EVERY game is free (not per day, just once so you can learn the game)

Other Pros to the site:

You compete against other players, but not head to head. The site runs 14 day "periods". During each period your score for each different game is stacked up and compared to the leader board for other players in your skill ranking for that period. The top X# of players in each skill ranking get bonus points at the end of the period and move up a skill rank.

You have a chance to gain points each game if u reach X# during the game, the number of points needed for that game and the # of points you gain are different each game play and are told b4 you start to play.

You can form/join clans and attack other clans for more points.

Pretty much all normal skil games are here, so your expertise on another site will translate well.

Nice 20% referral system in place, get 20% of w/ever your friends buy.

Other Cons to the site:

The ranking/point system is semi-complicated to understand, but not overly so. Just re-read it a few times.

Rules are written in French, but FAQ is in English. Spanish also available on the site.

Cash out w/out depositing will take a while. I'm guessing 30-60days for regular skill gamers that have a game or two of expertise.




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