Nemexia: It's Your Turn to Rule the Universe

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After thousands of years of battle for glory in Nemexia everyone would like to make a difference, everyone wants to play the main role. The three races Confederation, Terteths and Noxis all have well trained warriors and perfectly armed ships at their disposal, but it is you who decide which race are you willing to join. Construct impressive buildings together with enormous battle ships, colonize planets, take part in major Alliances and create the most powerful Team planet in the world of Nemexia. Now it is your turn to rule the Universe, can you really handle it?

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There are 3 completely different races in the game, completely different buildings, units and development path:
- Confederation
- Terteths
- Nox
Play the game 3 different ways!

Your Planet

Vast endless universe and you have your little spot in it! You start the game with your very own planet, on which you can develop strong economics, infrastructure and industry. Your planet is divided on 3 main areas where you can position your buildings: Resource, Industry, Military area

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Building Your Fleet

Construct a shipyard and laboratory. Research the latest technologies so you can build your space armada!

- Humans from the Confedration have strong and powerful fleet, they can construct the mega Death Star, which can destroy planets!
- Terteths have strong ships too, intelligently lead by strong AI, capable of destroying dozens of Nox and Confederation ships. Check their special unit, the Titan!
- The Nox rely on biotechnology for their fleet, most of their units are actually alive!

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Rule the Galaxy

You are not alone. Create powerful alliances and lead bloodlust wars together with thousands of other players from all over the world. You can develop your galactic empire by colonizing new planets and by fighting your enemies. Acquire your target and send your space fleet towards victory!

Play together, Develop a Team Planet

Start an alliance with at least 3 people for each of the races and you can create a Team planet, which is developed and controlled by the whole team. Now imagine a space battle between 2 Team planets, having the opportunity to create combine fleets of all the units of the 3 races! Real Star Wars!

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