Lady Popular: A Ladies-only Game??

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Lady Popular

Lady Popular is a browser-based strategy game created especially to attract the ladies attention. The player have to rule and guide her/his Lady's life, take care of her needs, teach her and ensure her professional development.

The game allows the player to select full match details and the appearance of his/her Lady. Various types of faces and hairstyles, millions of combinations in the choice of makeup, an exclusive approach to all the details and of course hundreds of fashion clothing and costumes.

The game was created with very player-friendly graphical interface. There is also a fashion consultant available to help with the initial orientation and options in the game. If your Lady will be the most popular, intelligent and sexy – depends only on you.



One of the most enjoyable pursuits in the game is certainly the opportunity to combine your available clothes as you want according to your taste and sensation. You should visit the Mall and buy some clothes for your lady first. Once you have bought them, they are automatically moved to the Wardrobe. The room has several active zones that you can click to use.

Lady Popular Screenshots
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In the game at different stages your Lady will be able to train and work different jobs.

When reaching different levels of the game, your Lady will find new boyfriends and leave old ones. The boyfriend is an important part of the game, as each one will bring you points or dollars each day.

Lady Popular Screenshots


At different stages of the game your Lady will be able to rent or buy different kinds of apartments. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Some are small, but cheap, others provide comfort and 6 rooms, but are expensive.


The IQ is one of the most important factors in the game and in your Lady's life. She will need a high IQ to find a good job. Different jobs require different levels of IQ – the better the job is, the higher IQ you need to get it. That is why you need to work on your Lady's intelligence in order for her to be well-paid and to move through the levels more rapidly. Looks just isn't enough, she needs to have brains in her head. You can improve her intelligence in two major ways – through the library and the games.

When you are engaging in sports activities, no matter where – in the public gym or in your private one – your Lady's stats change. By being active, the Lady reduces her weight, her hygiene and her energy, and her hunger and thirst increase. If your Lady dresses in one of the sports outfits which we will discuss later, the decrease/increase will not be that large.

Points and Podium Ranking
In order for Your Lady to be among the most popular, she needs to gather as much points as possible. Points are important because they are one of the criteria for winning the competition.

The Podium ranking is formed by the votes of the other Ladies. For example, if one Lady has voted “three” for you, and another - “minus two” , you have one point total. Every week on Wednesday afternoon the winners of the ranking are placed on the Podium for seven days until the new ranking has been published.

Lady Popular Screenshots
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