Riftforge: A Fantasy Role-Playing Game

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Riftforge is an online fantasy role-playing game with a novel approach to tactical combat that adds a significant element of player skill. You are in control of a House (e.g. House Dread). Each House fields multiple commanders and their troops into combat. Some combat missions will require a single commander and his or her troops. Others will require two or more commanders and up to twenty units.

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- Three branches of the Riftforge military to choose from: Guardian, Ranger and Raider.
- Deep and engaging tactical combat, within a familiar turn-based system
- A graphics engine that combines isometric pixel artwork with Flash animations
- Dynamic front lines across 81 areas in nine war zones
- Rare, elite, and epic units for each of the six troop types
- Social features that enable players to interact and trade, cooperate and compete
- Includes a free-to-play MMO mode to encourage players to try the game

Tactical Combat

You control between one and three troops, depending on the mission type. You can customize various aspects of your commanders and their units in terms of specialization and equipment. Each battle is decided based on your skill at tactical combat, including your chosen specialization, the troop deployment, your effective countering of enemy attacks, and finally your ability to overwhelm the enemy quickly and with minimum casualties.

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Military Archetypes

Three branches of Riftforge military:

Guardians - tanks, melee damage dealers;
Rangers - ranged & area of effect damage dealers;
Raiders - burst melee damage dealers, de-buffers.

Each branch offers you a commander, core and special unit, as well as support personnel. You can customize your units further with your choice of skills, specialization, and equipment.

Frozen Continent of Manirak

Manirak is the ice continent accessed through the first Rift. In fact, the opening of the Manirak Rift marks the beginning of the Riftforge calendar. The first Riftforge explorers found an empty, barren land. Their survival depended on provisions looted from enemy camps. In time, the Riftforge became reliant on Manirak resources for their daily survival. Even drinking water comes from ice transported from Manirak.

Manirak's huge landmass is split into nine warzones. Each warzone is split further into nine zones for a total of eighty-one zones. Once you are given a combat mission, you will get the mission objectives along with the active grid, e.g. RG37.

More information about Riftforge will be updated as development progresses.

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