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Kung Fu Panda World: A Game Inspired by Movie “Kung Fu Panda”

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Summary: Kung Fu Panda World is a web browser-based game for kids (target ages: 8-12) which is inspired by the movie “Kung Fu Panda”. Children can meet their friends on the site, which runs in standard Web browsers, and chat, explore and play games together.
Kung Fu Panda World

Kung Fu Panda World is a site that you can unlock your true power and engage in a variety of activities: chat with friends, play games, get a pet or explore the world. Kids choose everything they want to do! You can get a house a decorate it, challenge your friends in Kung Fu Face Off, have a dance competition in Kung Fu Beats, or just dress up your avatar and explore Po’s world. You can also practice your own style of Kung Fu – Monkey Style, Panda Style, Tiger Style – it’s all up to you!

Kung Fu Panda World
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Kung Fu Animal Styles

- Panda: Deceptively skilled kung fu masters, Pandas have impressive abilities that are matched only by their impressive appetites! Whether they’re throwing dumplings or eating them, Pnadas are a kunf fu fighting force to be reckoned with!
- Monkey: Acrobatic, quick, and often unpredictable, monkey warriors are known for using their hands, feet and tail to stun their opponents from all sides at the same time. Yet they also have a mischievous, but good natured personality.
- Tiger: Tiger are among the strongest and bravest warriors in Kung Fu Panda World. They use their speed and agility to quickly defeat their opponents, while always staying true to their honor by never using their claws during a fight.


A variety of games in Kung Fu Panda World, each will put your kung fu focus, reflexes, and wisdom to the test. You’ll dash, jump, catch, dodge, outwit & spar your way through dozens of games as you score points and collect valuable items on your awesome journey.

Kung Fu Panda World
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