Irondomain: A Strategic and Original Online Basketball Manager Game

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Irondomain is game network that consists of basketball and soccer manager games based on social networking combined in one title. Instead you are a chief of the club, manager, where you get to lead your players and club to become world champ. Goal of the game is to win Masters International cup where all top clubs are competing against each other.

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League matches are played twice a week, while friendly matches, regional and international cups are played once a week. All friendly cups are played 3 times a week.

Lineup and Tactic

To be able to play match, there have to be at least 5 players in starting and 2 players in second lineup. You can select any of 8 different tactics. Each tactic is also a contra-tactic for opposite club

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Each player starts his career at age of 21 and ends by 35 years old. But he should get retires from basketball when he reaches 36 years of age. All players that played at least 90 minutes can raise any skill by one grade. In every match there are chances for them to get injured. Injured players are out of the field for couple of days depending on injury type. Everyone has its own stamina expressed with number form 0 to 100 percent. Playing official matches players’stamina in each game drops depending on number of minutes played in that particular match.

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Each player has seven different skills, where each skill has its own rank assigned to attacking or defensive attribute. Sum of attacking skills gives attacking value of the player where sum of defensive skills gives defensive value of the player.


Each club starts with small stadium, capacity 500. Stadium can be extended step by step for one level up. Each stadium extension needs extra time and gives a club extra financial bonus.

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