GoGo Lingo: A Spanish Learning Game

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GoGo Lingo

GoGo Lingo is a research-based, age-appropriate language learning system that customizes and adapts to the child’s personal learning curve.



- Learn over 150 words and phrases in Spanish
- Games that customize to child’s ability level
- Track activities to teach new concepts and review learned concepts
- Weekly, personalized progress report emails
- Trace child’s achievement, favorite activitied, knowledge and trouble areas through Paren Dashboard
- Resources and advice for learning at home
- Access to forums to connect families together


- Add up to 5 additional children
- Learn vocabulary for 12 additional categories
- Ability to further customize the curriculum
- Addition activities to extend the learning offline
- 3 additional printable workbooks and 3 additional learning songs
- Over 200 printable flashcards
- Additional color options for your lingo
- Unlock ability to visit the task master to earn extra stars
- Access to special member only area of the parent forum

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The Goals of GoGo Lingo

The vision is to transform language learning by using entertaining music and games that allow kids to acquire a foreign language while they play.

To provide building blocks.

Gogo Lingo provides the basis for learning a foreign language, focusing primarily on phonological awareness and vocabulary by giving kids the opportunity to interact with the sounds, words, phrases and sentences of a new language. If given high-quality, on-going input or "building blocks" in this new language, young children can become bilingual!

To put kids in the driver's seat.

GoGo Lingo empowers kids to take control. The games and activities that most interest the kids provide the fun while behind-the-scenes technology delivers the learning objectives throughout Lingoland. This means kids are able to influence their experiences by choosing their activities and rewards, thereby customizing their experience.

To foster a love for learning a foreign language.

GoGo Lingo provides a relaxed atmosphere designed to keep kids engaged while meeting learning objectives. Feedback is always given with an encouraging tone. The catchy music and engaging games create positive associations with learning a foreign language.

To introduce kids to concepts of diversity and other cultures.

Research shows that when kids learn a second language, they are more likely to have positive attitudes towards speakers of that language. The main character "Gogo Lingo" loves to travel and visit his friends all over the world.

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