GoalStar: A Multiplayer Online Football and Soccer Manage Game

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KeyWord: GoalStar, simulation, sports, football, soccer
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GOALstar is a free to play multiplayer online footballmanager and soccer game (MMOG). It's providing excitement in league matches and cup ties.

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- many strategic options
- 10 different staff types with individual abilities
- contract negotiations with your players
- transfer list with different options
- individual training settings with a very flexible point system
- individual sponsors
- leagues with relegation and promotion
- GOALstar Worldcup and national cup competitions
- league board for each league
- player rankings
- user tournaments

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Live Match

A special highlight of GOALstar is the live match. You can change your team strategy during live matches, change your lineup and substitute players, but be aware: your player's fatigue rises during the match.

- Event: You can observe how your team plays football, whether they play hard or fair, or if the referee is in control of the situation. You have the opportunity to interfere in the gameplay.
- Scoreline/status: The scoreline or game status is a summary over the most important information of the match. The scoreline contains information about the players who scored, yellow cards etc. When you mouseover visitors you will get further information about your visitors. You can gather information about the distribution of seats what allows you to get important insights for your ticket pricing.
- Teamroaster: The teamroaster shows your players and the players of your opponent. Different from your own players you can not detect the exhaustion from the players of your opponents. The exhaustion level is indicated by colored bars. The bars can change from green over yellow to red color. Red marked players should be replaced by a substitute.

GoalStar Screenshot
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GoalStar Screenshot
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