FreedomResist: Fight the Alien with Your Power

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In the year 3000 the planet Earth was invaded by alien forces, leaving the planet devastated and the human race nearly eradicated. Only a few groups of stragglers were able to resist the devastating attack of the alien forces. The survivors organized themselves into a resistance and, equipped with technologically advanced equipment and weapons, decided to fight back against the invaders (the aliens) to once again provide freedom for the human race.

Game Features

- Choose from hundreds of items such as weapons, armour, shields, guns and matter modules to     improve your fighting abilities.
- Buy special types of matter so your weapon is equipped to inflict extra damage on your enemies.
- Upgrade your spaceship/base to display your wealth and status and increase your rate of healing.
- Establish an alliance and erect the largest base or spaceship in the entire region.
- Choose your own individual coat of arms.
- Customise your personal character avatar; there are billions of possible combinations!
- Improve your skills for wearing armour and using shields and swords and guns.
- Train your fighting abilities to remain a few steps ahead of your competitors.
- Give your weapon a name to stand out from the crowd.
- Choose from various assignments and decide for yourself whether you want to be loyal to the human or alien interest.

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You can challenge other players to a battle to see how you measure up to them.

Battle Sequence

-Battles take place in rounds. The higher your stamina, the more battle rounds you can endure.
-During each round a dice roll determines if a successful attack has taken place or if the defender was able to parry the attack; here the attributes fighting ability and parry are very important.
-The challenger always gets the first attack. If an attack is successful, the damage and damage absorption of the defender will be determined by a roll of the dice. The difference (if positive) will be deducted from the remaining health points of the defender.
-Damage can be increased by using weapons with matter modules, but this additional matter damage can be absorbed by the proper type of equipment.

FreedomResist Screenshot


Here several players can form an alliance. As a founder and admin of the Alliance you can accept new members, set permissions and kick alliance members. You can also upgrade your alliance's base/spaceship here; each upgrade level increases the number of members your alliance can hold.

FreedomResist Screenshot

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