DopeWars: A Drug Dealer in Dope Empire

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Dope Wars is a turn-based strategy computer game in which the player assumes the role of a drug dealer. The objective of DopeWars Online is to become the city's richest and most powerful drug dealer player and cartel in the space of one month and to claim fame on the Dopewars Online Medal Table.

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Choosing Game to play

Dopewars Online offers an array of games to choose from, each group offering something different from the others. To select which game to play in, choose the corresponding game when creating an account. The varieties of the game:

  • * A1 -A5: The classic game contains everything but the black market. Games A1-A4 does not allow players to join after the fourth day of play.
  • * B1-B5: Similar to A games, but contain the Black Market for credit trading. Like A, games B1-B4 do not allow players to join after the fourth day of play.
  • * C1-C2: DopeWars with a twist! New rules and adjustments
  • * Warzone A: Like an A game, but without cartels
  • * Warzone B: Like a B game, but without cartels


Hip Hop Empire Tournaments are available from within the standard games and are played separate from the standard games. Players can sign up from ANY of the NON MEDAL rooms to join the tournament. This means someone registering from Classic 2 can be playing players in Market 1 but of course you all start on the same tokens and score for a fair result! The Tournament will run on a 30 min basis with the player with the most worth in 30 min being the winner.


This is the simplest and most common way of quickly making money in the game however can be less effective over a game-long period. Simply traffic goods from one subway station to another. For example: Say you buy 6,000 units of LSD at Union Station for $21 each (total cost of $126,000) and then ride the subway to York University and sell all 6,000 units for $31 each (total proceeds of $186,000) you just made a quick and easy $10 per unit times 6,000 units, a total profit of $60,000!

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Junkies are among the most profitable ways to make money in DopeWars Online. You can recruit new junkies from the Street Corner (under the operations drop down). It will cost you 1 token for each junkie your recruit.

  • *Junkie Trainees: A junkie will take the amount of time it takes for you to spent 60 tokens to train, while she is in training she will still demand a pay of 1 drug unit each time you spend a token, but will not return any revenue.
  • * Junkie Payouts: Junkies will work for any drug you choose. Changing what drug you pay a junkie is similar to changing what drug your lab will produce.

Coats Pockets

Each coat can only hold a certain total amount of units (drugs). You can buy bigger more expensive coats, which have more pockets, and will therefore let you hold a higher number of maximum drugs at any time. 


University is an area to help develop your empire. You can buy books and develop 5 areas of your business, these are: Botany (BOT-101): Learn how to grow and care for plants. Pimpology (PIMP-53X): Learn how to be the pimpiest pimp around. Home Economics (HE-110): Learn how to cook, clean and most importantly, sew. Shop Class (SH-177): Learn how to operate machinery. Theft (5-FING): Learn how to steal things from Val*Mart.



  • * Strengthens your attacking and defending.
  • * Increases the production of goods from your own and other cartel member's labs.
  • * Increases the money made by junkies from yourself and other cartel members.
  • * There are also many more unspecified features of a cartel, get your friends to play and form a cartel with them, or message other players in the game and start/join cartels with them. Just remember, the bigger, the better!

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