Code of Everand: Practice Road Safety Behaviours for Young Pathfinders

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Code of Everand

Code of Everand is a multiplayer online game, which has been developed by the Department for Transport, to engage children making the transition from Primary to Secondary school, on the topic of road safety. The aim is that players will improve their road safety behaviour and apply what they have learned in the game, to the real world as a learned response. The Department for Transport’s aim is to reduce child pedestrian casualties and deaths among this age group by allowing young people to practice good road safety behaviours through a channel which is known to be very popular among those making the transition to Secondary school.

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Game Description


Players are pathfinders. They use the powers to safely cross the Spirit Channels, restoring peace where there is conflict, leveling up, making friends, and undertaking quests to uncover the secret of the mysterious Code of Everand. There are hundreds of quests, unique items, and an incredible compendium of monsters to engage. Don’t forget to level up with the skills and earn the money for gears.

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Quests and Travel

Quests hold the key to unraveling the story of Everand. A quest will require you to venture into a spirit channel to find a lost artifact. All quests, however, have their rewards. Pathfinders can use the navigation points to explore the world. In addition of that, take a balloon travel form travel station is also a good choice. Balloon rides can help you get around the world much more rapidly than walking.

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Spirit Channels

The world of Everand is crisscrossed by spirit channels, which range from very easy to cross to incredibly difficult to cross. A spirit channel's difficulty is indicated by its color (green, yellow, orange, red and purple).

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‘Traps are the Pathfinder's primary weapon and the key to crossing channels successfully. In addition to causing damage to monsters, each ‘trap has a unique elemental effect based on the kind of gems used to create it, ranging from dealing extra damage to recovering some of the ‘trapper's CP.

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Spells are powerful magic enchantments that can help Pathfinders deal with monsters. Once a monster is hit by the spell, it will be placed in a special state until the spell wears off; the higher a Pathfinder’s Spell Duration stat the less likely their spells are to dissipate.

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There are many different types of monsters with unique powers in the Spirit Channels of Everand.

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The Critters

Pathfinder is accompanied by a special critter. This critter gives pathfinder a special bonus to a specific stat. Critter affects the following stats:

  • Crow: Treasure hunting
  • Cat: Spell accuracy
  • Frog: Tonic mastery
  • Fox:‘Trapping
  • Owl: Resistance

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