Build-A-Bearville Guide: Ancient Ruins Quest Walkthrough

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Build-A-Bearville is a virtual world where you and your furry friends from Build-A-Bear Workshop can play games, go on quests and have some adventures together.

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This is a guide by Freya on He explained the details about game quest Ancient Ruin. Check below:

Bearville Guide: Ancient Ruins Quest Walkthrough

By Freya in

You must have a Furry Friend that you have registered with an Animal ID and Key Code from a birth certificate to enter the Ancient Ruins Quest. When you complete the Quest you will be awarded the Furry Friend Exclusive Item (listed on the Furry Friend page and shown on the Exclusive Item pics page).

1. Click on the Leopard at the Library in the University to get started.

2. He will ask if you want to go on an Animal Adventure.

3. Respond yes, and select Ancient Ruins Quest.

4. Follow Princess Kitty's instructions and her clues will lead you to a game that you must play to win a scroll. Scrolls will not show up when you have a different Furry Friend with you than when you started the Quest.

5. Find all 8 scrolls or less then return to the Leopard, he will ask again, select yes and Ancient Ruins again.


7. See the Great Pyramid page if you need help there.

Find your scrolls here:

Skate Park - Fast Paw (scroll shows up usually before or at the 3rd level on the park bench) Clue: "You will have to juggle a soccer ball to find the first"

Skate Park - Fabulous Fliers. Clue: "the second hieroglyph can only be found if you have good aim with flying discs"

Paw Park - Dive Bear Deep (the scroll is at the very end of level 1 - swim through the green bear heads to speed up and avoid the electric eel, stay away from the red bear heads, they slow you down). Clue: “you may have to swim underwater to find the third hieroglyph” GLITCH - the scroll is not showing up for many people!

Coffee Shop of the Fabulous Fashion District - Pawsome Painting (color some and the scroll shows up in the bottom left corner, click on it) Clue: "the fourth hieroglyph is hidden in a beary colorful place"

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