Build-A-Bearville: A Safe and Free Game for Children

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Build-A-Bearville is a virtual world where you and your furry friends from Build-A-Bear Workshop can play games, go on quests and have some adventures together. Simply register and you can start exploring. You don't have to have a furry friend to play, but if you do have one, you can play a lot more games and have even more fun.

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  • * Boutique, where you customize your avatar
  • * Condo, where you and your stuffed animal will live. Customize your living space
  • * Games-play by yourself or challenge others

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For Children

Furry Friends

You can explore in Build-A-Bearville without furry friends. But if you have furry friends in the game, you can bring him or her to play games with you, go on quests and much more.


Each time you log into Build-A-Bearville, you’ll have to select a den to play in. You can choose any den you want, or click a friend’s name in your list to join them in their den too!

Different Types of Chat

* Silent chat: Silent Chat means you cannot chat, but you can still use emoticons to express the way you feel.

* Instant chat: Instant Chat, or IC, is available to all citizens of Build-A-Bearville. To chat, just choose from the list of things to say or type in the chat bar and see a list of phrases to choose from.

* Safe open chat: Safe Open Chat means you can chat with others by typing what you’d like to say in the chat bar. All words and phrases are checked against an approved dictionary. Numbers and other ways of sharing private information, as well as offensive words and phrases are not allowed.

Play Games

Walk around to discover all the personal games for yourself or click the Game button to select the game you would like to play.

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Animal Adventures

Animal adventures are quests that you play together with your furry friend. You’ll be awarded Bear Bills – the official virtual currency of Build-A-Bearville - to spend in the world when you complete your adventure.

Buy Clothes or Furniture

You can buy clothes for your online character in the Pawlette Coufur® boutique in the Fabulous Fashion District, furniture for your Cub Condo house in the Bear Stuff® store in Town Square and new rooms for your Cub Condo in the LumBear Yard in the Market Place

Cub Condo

A Cub Condo house is a place for your character and furry friends to call home! Once you’ve brought at least one furry friend to life online, you’ll have access to your Cub Condo. You can customize the inside and outside of your Cub Condo house to show off your own personal style!

Virtual Party

A virtual party room is a special gift you get just for hosting a Build-A-Party® cele-bear-ation at a Build-A-Bear Workshop store! Your party confirmation letter will include a code you can redeem for your new room. Plus, you’ll also get party clothes, a new move and enough party gifts to share with up to 20 online friends!

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