AirwaySim: Manager Your Own Airline and Begin the Competition

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AirwaySim is a massive multi-player online game where you compete against other players around the world. The management moves you make will directly affect the operations of the other players. The simulation includes over 2500 airports around the world and over 350 different aircraft models - all of them with accurate details and specifications.

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Game Features

  • * Manage your own airline and compete against other human controlled airlines
  • * Game runs under "accelerated real-time" model.
  • * Game moves forward one day at a time. One game day equals 20-40 minutes of real time, depending on game settings. Players can make their management moves at any time regardless of the current game status or date, the calculation processes run in the background.
  • * The management decisions done by a player directly affect the results of other players (for example ticket pricing).
  • * Players can also interact with each others for example by selling aircraft or setting up airline alliances.
  • * The system supports multiple running games / worlds at the same time. Each player is allowed to participate in each one of these.
  • * The starting date, initial money and loan amounts can be customized for each game. Also the number of countries included in each game is selectable to enable the creation of local game scenarios.


  • * One airline per player per each game - max 500 airlines per game.
  • * Select airline home base at game startup.
  • * Design and upload airline logo and aircraft livery.
  • * Assign 3-letter ICAO code for the airline.
  • * View information, routes, statistics and other details of your airline and of competing airlines.
  • * Post press releases and news about your airline for others to view.
  • * Order daily or weekly status updates of your airline into your e-mail.
  • * Insure your passengers and aircraft fleet against accidents.


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  • * Realistic economy model that follows the real world developments from past to present.
  • * Real fuel price data used in game's fuel price calculation.
  • * Real inflation data (value of money) used in economy calculation.
  • * Economy model (airline passenger demand, fuel price, inflation rate etc.) can be customized for each game to generate different scenarios.
  • * Loan money from the bank.
  • * View current and past loan interests.
  • * View company value and income statements as numerical or graphical presentation.
  • * View current and past fuel prices.
  • * Declare bankruptcy or be liquidated by bank if financial results are too bad.
  • * Flight departure times, ticket prices, competition from other airlines, company image (and many other things) affect the passenger demand of your routes.
  • * View and manage the number of staff you employ and manage their salaries.
  • * Pay income taxes of the corporate profit according to your home base country's tax rates.

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