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Howzat is announced to be the world's first free social cricket game. It is a new type of social game - one that combines real sports actions with managerial ability and a chance to compete with your peers.

Howzat incorporates a mix of real cricket action along with manager functionality and lets players create, evolve and play with their own formulated team with the need to for any installation. The batting side is given 20 shots while a plethora of deliveries are at the disposal of the bowling side. The player's teams can slowly be improved with the Points they earn in the game. The in-game players' names and team uniforms can be customized according to the gamers' desire.

How to Play Howzat?


  • Timing & Shot Selection is everything!

  • You may use every little cricketing trick in the book to outplay your opponent. When batting, Timing and Shot selection are the most important factors determining how your batsman will perform.

  • Choose your shot before the ball is delivered

  • Keep the arrow keys pressed down to choose your shot. For example, holding down the Down and Right key will select the Cover drive.

  • Play along the ground or take a risk and loft it!

  • Use Z or X to time your shot. Using Z will execute a normal grounded shot. X will attempt a riskier lofted shot.

  • Don't forget to run between the wickets!

  • Make runs by scoring boundaries, or run with Space bar. Look at the batting meter to see your batsmen run.

  • Plan out your batting order

  • When a batsman you control gets out, the popup window gives you a chance to change your batting order.

  • Let your batsmen improve by winning points!

  • Once you've accumulated Points through your wins, or by inviting friends to play, head over to the Manage team page to make your batsmen better. Their shots will now be hit harder and go further!

Howzat Screenshots
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Bowl to your field!

The most important thing you need to know about bowling is that you should always bowl to your field. You can choose your field setting at the beginning of each over.

Set the pointer, and then choose the delivery

Set the pointer where you want to deliver the bowl with the Up Down Left Right keys. Lock it in place with the Z key.

Trick the batsman by mixing it up

Use the Bowling meter to your advantage. Our innovative meter melds Speed with Swing/Spin into one package, remember to mix it up.

Try new bowling strategies

In the 5 over game, each player can only bowl one over. Change your default bowlers at the end of the over and develop new strategies. In the shorter game, anything is possible - try an off spinner to open your bowling!

Howzat Screenshots
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Howzat Screenshots
Click here for full image

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