Naruto Arena Review: Online Naruto Game

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Naruto Arena

Naruto Arena is a turn based strategy game where your team of three ninjas is pitted against another player's team of three ninjas with the goal of reducing your opposition to 0 health points and winning the match.

Naruto Arena
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This is a review from xorsyst which explains the features of Naruto Anena and the reasons why it became popular. Check below:

Online Naruto Game

From xorsyst

The game is a classic turn based web game and not like the Nintendo Wii title Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution. You have 60 seconds to complete your turn, but that seems to be more than enough time unless you are a deep thinker and strategist. One of the reasons I believe this game is so popular is that Naruto Arena has an active and competitive ranking ladder. There is an overall top 10 ranking, top 10 most wins, and the top 10 winning streaks. So if you’re anything like me, and have to be the best at everything you do, good luck. There seems to be some dedicated players playing this online game! They even break the players down by country because Naruto Arena has such a large player-base from all over the world.

Another nice thing about Naruto Arena is that when you want to take a break from competing, you can always check out their online forums and chat rooms to meet your fellow ninja in a relaxing environment. Learn strategy from fellow players as well as to discuss the latest Naruto anime and manga. The game admins are always tweaking balance to provide the most enjoyment for everyone. Sometimes the nerf stick is for the best you know? So overall I would definetly recommend checking out Naruto Arena if you are looking for online Naruto games..

Here is Naruto Arena Guide: Missions Guide

Naruto Are na



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