Action Dimension: Play Realtime Sports Games with Your Friends

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Action Dimension

Action Dimension is a Browser-Based Sports MMORPG available in Facebook. It includes a virtual world with realtime sports games to play with your friends.

In the virtual world, you can buy/sell items, trade with friends, have a house and decorate it as you want. You also can throw parties at your house embedded with the Facebook Events system. You can buy bigger houses as you gain more ingame cash. And you can play sports games with your friends to gain more cash and experience.


There currently are 3 games and more will be developed in time:

Paintball: Paintball is the latest game just released in Action Dimension. In paintball you can have realtime multiplayer matches with your friends. It is a fast and a really fun battle game. Probably the fastest you have ever seen on a browser-based platform. It is a beta version with a limited amount of weapons and a single test map. More weapons, items (supply type), maps and special skills will be added.

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Soccer: In the soccer game you can have 7 vs 7 realtime soccer matchs with other players. The rules are the same as a real soccer game, the team that scores the most before the match end wins.

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Tennis: In tennis you can create rooms for 1vs1 or 2vs2 matchs. The gameplay is similar to the classic game pong while it offers a much more detailed experience.

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Statistics & Skills

As you level up, you can increase the statistics of your character to have more advantage while playing games:

  • Agility: This stat increases your speed in games.
  • Toughness: Toughness increases your maximum stamina amount, which will let you use more special skills in games.
  • Intelligence: With higher intelligence you can gain more experience and cash from games.
  • Dexterity: Dexterity usually increases your hit/shoot power in different games.

Also, for each 2 levels you can pick one new special skill from the skill tree. You can use these skills while playing games to get more advantage against other players.

You can start a team and gather the best players in the game to compete with other teams in the Action Dimension world.

Action Dimension Screenshot
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