Itsagoal: Free Online Football Manager Game

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Itsagoal gives you full control over your football club and players. Buy and sell players on the transfer market or nurture youth players through your club's football youth academy. Increase the size of your football ground and get extra gate revenue. gives you the total experience of being a real football manager and it's free to play.

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Createyour football club from the ground up and establish yourself as a football manager.
Enter a thriving online community of football clubs, managers, leagues and cup competitions


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Manage every aspect of your football club from player transfers to squad training.
Employ scouts, coaches, physios, youth coaches and assistant managers to help you build a world class club.

  • Holidays

    You will remain in charge of your team, without login, for a maximum of 21 days. After this, without warning, you will be sacked. There are no appeals and we are not able to reinstate you as the club will now begin a recirculation process. Ensure you login once within every 21 days to remain in charge of your team whilst on holiday.If you are a subscriber, you will remain in charge for 42 days. As long as you have an Assistant Manager on your staff, he will remain in charge whilst you are not. He will ensure a team selection is made as far as his ability allows him. Only you can negotiate contracts. If any expire whilst you are on holiday - those players or staff will not be around when you return.

  • Caretaking

    It’s not allowed to caretake other teams, as you will find yourself in breach of the rules. Failure to comply may see your team removed from your control.


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    Go head-to-head with thousands of football managers from all over the world.
    Compete in leagues, cups and friendly as you strive to establish yourself as the best football manager of all time

    Training Assignments

    There are a number of training assignments that can be selected, along with the players’ skills they affect. Some of these assignments focus on several skills, whilst others may focus on only one or two. The fewer the skills trained, the better the improvement. For example selecting a 'Training match', will give all skills a small boost, where as selecting 'Cross country' would give stamina a much larger boost.


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