BarbieGirls: Build Girl's Pink World

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Barbie Girls™ is a fun & fabulous virtual community where girls can join the virtual community, create an online character, design her own room, earn B Bucks™ (virtual "money"), play games, watch videos featuring her favorite Barbie™ movies, and chat with other girls in a controlled environment.


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B Smart Pact

It's a fun and interactive way for you and your parents to create your own rules for safe online play! Just like real playgrounds need rules, digital playgrounds do, too. You get to write your rules as a team, then make a printout that you can both sign.



B Bucks™

B Bucks™ are the "money" you can earn as a registered user on You get B Bucks™ when you play games, watch shows in B Cinemas™, design your online character for the first time, and enter special codes.


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Different Kinds of Chat

There are three kinds of chat in the Barbie Girls™ world – B Chat™, Super B Chat™ and Secret B Chat™. All are designed to provide a safe and fun chatting experience for girls online. In order to communicate with each other, girls must have the same level of chat.

  • B Chat™ is the default chat feature. Anyone can engage in a B Chat™, which may occur in a girl’s room, stores at the mall, and other public hangouts.
  • Secret B Chat™ is a private chat that occurs only in a girl’s room and is available only to "best friends" (real-life friends who own a Barbie Girl™ device and have physically connected it to each other’s computer).
  • Super B Chat™ is similar to Secret B Chat™ in that users can type their own messages, but only using words that we’ve approved and compiled in the database.


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Parents' Place

Parents' Place is a special section just for parents of Barbie Girls™ members. There, they can make B Smart Pacts with you, learn all about, and find out what we're doing to make your experience here fun, fabulous, and totally safe! Once your parent has created a Parents' Place account, he or she can do stuff like update your chat level, change your password, and more!



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