Virtonomics: Are You Ready to Be a Business Tycoon?

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Virtonomics™- is a free economic multiplayer online game. The main goal in Virtonomics is to create a successful business. Players take control of a small business enterprise with aspirations to expand their business by going into trade, production, science research, mining, agriculture and foreign exchange market.


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To manage your corporation you'll have to hire and train employees, regulate sales and supplies, monitor your competitors, improve quality of your products, promote your brands, and take part in auctions, amongst other things.

The Map of Virtual World

Just like in real world, Virtonomics consists of countries, cities and regions. There are woods, fields and farms near the cities. Cities differ in population, purchasing ability, average salary; so you should pay attention to all these factors when you start your business. Several cities with similar profit tax join into region. Regional office can manage only those enterprises, which are located within this area. However, the biggest economic unit is a country. Countries consist of several regions with similar customs duties. Correlation of export and import duties expresses development priorities for each country.


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Principles: General Information

Game Worlds

You can choose one or several game worlds (realms). Realms are differ in start time, and therefore in level of economic development, update time, game geography, goods variety etc. Servers exist independently: no tranfer of funds, enterprises or qualification. However, you can use one login to play in different worlds.


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Game Economic

By playing Virtonomics™ you can try yourself in various economic sectors: Production, Agriculture, Mining, Science research or Commerce. There are two kinds of production: initial (mining, logging, agriculture) and secondary (production of half-finished and finished goods, animal breeding). Most profitable strategy - is construction of production chains which involve several production fields. The more complicated production is, the longer the chain must be. However, before starting any science research, you need to create a reliable source of income - profit from science research is not stable. Commerce (trade) - is the most quick and open way to enrichment. To succeed in this field you only need a store, which can sell ANY goods you want to final customers (city population).


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